The Truth about Temporary Tattoos

Temporary tattoos offer a great opportunity to have a cool design on your body, which will not last forever. Instead you will have fun and color your life with different styles of them.
One important thing is that the temporary tattoos can be used to spotlight a certain look of yours. Moreover, you can surprise your family and friends and cheat as this is a permanent design.

temporary tattoo ideas

Moreover, some people simply don’t want to bare the strong pain and opt for these temporary tattoos.
Temporary tattoos are a lot of fun, and because they are very flexible and can be tried in a variety of body places and themes.For that reason they’ve become extremely popular, and many bands, entertainers and actors use them for a variety of personal and professionally reasons.
The days when there wasn’t much that temporary tattoos could offer adults is long gone. Now you can get some really cool applications that show really nice, or you can just have fun with the many that exist that aren’t meant to be works of art, but more of a statement.
How are temporary tattoos applied?
Temporary body art is starting to come into its own, and some quite nice designs can be put on your body, which are every bit as cool as a permanent tattoo, except of course it’s temporary.
Most the ideas we have of temporary tattoos are at some local function or fair, where there’s a booth where our children will get a stick-on type or maybe an airbrush tattoo.
If they’re applied without using a stick-on type, besides airbrushing, you can also have it drawn or painted on.

Stick-On Tattoos
Having fun with tattoos for the most of us begins with a stick-on tattoo, where you simply place the tattoo on the skin and apply water to the back of the tattoo paper. The tattoo simply transfers to the skin, and you’re ready to go.
Even with these types of temporary tattoos there’s been an increased quality for adults, and they’re becoming better all the time.

stick-on tattoo

Body Paint, Body Crayons and Body Pencil Tattoos
Other ways to apply temporary tattoos are the body paints, pencils, crayons. These are great to use because there is as much creativity and personalized look as you can think of and drive your imagination for it. Besides this, they are extremely quick and easy to get rid of by just washing them off with soap and water.

body pencil tattoo

Temporary Airbrush Tattoos
A temporary airbrush tattoo is one of the most realistic of all temporary tattoos, with the exception of the henna.
These very authentic looking tattoos are applied with a stencil placed against your skin and the ink is put on or inserted with an airbrush. Your skin isn’t damaged and it looks great and real.

temporary airbrush tattoo

Henna Tattoos
As a matter of fact, henna tattoos last longer on the skin, so it must be taken into consideration when applying it. The reason henna tattoo last longer is because the ink absorbs temporarily into the skin.
Henna tattoos appear on the skin in orange/brown colors or just in the classy black, which resembles the permanent one. While, remember that there is no such thing as black henna. Henna comes from a plant, and when applied always has the coloration of brown, orange or burgundy, or something that is a mixture of that combination; usually a brownish or orange-like color. Never does the plant extract appear black.
As regards the black color, it is the chemical para-Phenylenediamine (PPD), which is used in a number of cosmetic and industrial products we’re very familiar with. Some of the more common uses are in dyeing fabric, dark makeup, permanent hair dye, printing, photo development and photocopying inks, among a large number of other uses.
The consequences of having a tattoo dye applied which includes PPD is a skin reaction similar to a chemical burn. This is why there can be such a strong reaction, and even permanent allergic reactions can result from it.
To be safe, you need to remember PPD or para-Phenylenediamine, never be tattooed for someone claiming to have “black henna” dye, and listen they give you some warnings about allergies, not tattooing children, and other concerning things. If they do that, never allow yourself or anyone with you to be tattooed.
Another reminder: there’s no such thing as black henna, only the application of dye containing PPD.

Gold henna tattoo

Gold henna tattoo

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