The Tiny Tattoos Noticed On The 2015 Runway Shows

The catwalk shows- the most expected events for fashion designers, which include the creativity and fantasy of the dressmakers. Moreover, their ideas soon become a great motivation for fashionisers. As a matter of fact, thinking about the fashion shows, most of us imagine the clothing and the accessorizes that are important parts of any show. While, there are other details that had been prepared for the crowd, but not everybody notices them. One of those details are tattoos, which have been spotted especially on the arms and legs of the models. Thereby, like other people, who prefer to have some names or phrases on their bodies, models also enjoy wearing different types of tattoos, which remind them of a special event, a person etc.. And in this way they catch the opportunity to show off their tattoos during the catwalk shows.

tattoo on leg

Thus, the audience is always attentive for noticing the clothing or the shoe details, while the tattoos are rarely spotted. According to the theme of the show, there are some tattoos which don’t match with the outlook. In this case the designers prefer to hide the tattoos with some fashionable prints or control them aesthetically. And in order to avoid such situations, many models try not to have large and very noticeable tattoos, as it can even put an end to their career path. According to the fashion news, designers add some new additions to the outfits of the models and get inspired of the latest and even the oldest fashion trends.

As we mentioned above, the runway shows have been abundant with some elements of tattoo trends 2015, which are noted on some models in the following shows. Here are the teeny tattoos we spotted from catwalks worldwide.

Milagros Schmoll’s has taken part in Jean Paul Gaultier’s last runway show, where her outfit and retro hairstyle was accompanied with her arm tattoo.

milagros tattoo

Cara Delevingne has been discussed as one of the biggest fans of tattoos. And during the last fashion shows, she has demonstrated her tattoo, which is called Pandora, and in this way she advertises the famous English brand.


Freja Beha Erichsenlets shows her love towards the tattoo art, and we guess she is fond of phrases, as she has 2 of them on her arms.


Erdem wears a tattoo on her arm named “Blue girl”, which describes her natural beauty- blue eyes.

sarah tattoo

Roxy Kiscinska’s arm art is noticeable at Guy Laroche show in 2015. In comparison with other mentioned models, she wears comparatively larger tattoos on her arms.  roxy- tattoo on arm

Renee Meijer wears tattoo of several stars on her wrist, which is seen at Christopher Kane’s show.

renee tattoo

Alexander Wang’s 2015 fashion show has been noticeable with some models’s tattoos, including Lexi Boling’s cute palm ankle tat, reminding of a summer vacation.

lexi tattoo

Julia Nobis has done tats on the inner parts of her 2 arms, and which are equally done on the same place.

julie  tattoo

According to the Frobes Magazine, Gisele Bündchen has been nominated as the head of the highest paid models of the world. And her star- tattoo has several times been noticed at many events, and this time she is protesting at Chanel with her wrist ink in the air.

gisele tattoo

Amanda Wellsh’s star tattoos are harmonized with Balmain shoes.

amanda-tattoo on leg