The Best Celebrity Inspirational Tattoos

The word tattoo come from the Polynesian word tatau, meaning “correct”. Tattoos, are done mostly on any part of our bodies, and include some meanings. Nowadays, the number of tattoo lovers grows and grows up. We can be the witnesses of the most incredible and even funniest tattoos. First of all, people examine the picture or the phrase that are going to wear on their bodies, as they are going to remain almost during the whole life. Moreover, celebrities are the most common tattoo lovers of all times. According to their short marriages, anyway they dare to have the names of their spouses and do other risky steps. Thus, we have singled out some celebrities tattoo, which can even be a motivation and a good idea for implementing on yourself.

#Victoria Beckham 

Victoria and David Beckhams are one of the least couples, who are together for more than 15 years, and they have matching tattoos, which say “I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine”. Anyway, this is not her only tattoo, another one is done on her back, as it is shown on the picture.


#Rumer Willis

Bruce Willis and Demi Moore’s eldest daughter is an american actress, who has also showed off her tattoos at some shows.  One of them is reminder to “be present”, which is done on her rib side.

Rumer-Willis tattoo

RiRi is one of the celebrities, who have done lots of tattoos, and the number of hers is 21. One of them is called  “Never a failure, always a lesson” on her chest, backwards, so she can read it in the mirror, which is a unique and creative idea and can be an example for you as well. To add, she has tattoos with the pictures of stars, gun, Cleopatra etc.

rihanna tattoo#Megan Fox

One of the sexiest actresses! She is a big fan of tattoo art and has  about 9 designs on her body, each of them having a special meaning for her. One of them is a quote inspired by Shakespeare’s King Lear novel and is called “We will all laugh at gilded butterflies”. Hence, people started to make comparisons with Angelina Jolie’s tattoo, which is done on the same part and with some lines like hers, but it only seems from the distance.

megan fox tattoo#Hillary Duff

Hillary has 12 tattoos on her body, and they are done in original parts, like insides of her arms, which she explaned as a way of not getting tired of seeing them every time, just covering them form time to time. Another one is called “Let it be” done on her ankle.

hillary duff tattoo#Hayden Panettiere 

One of the surprising histories is Hayden’s tattoo art, which is called “live without regrets” done in Italian, and it was spelled incorrectly, so the actress chose to have the ink removed.

hayden-panettiere#Cara Delevingne  

Cara- the favorite model of the recent years, has shared a picture of her new tattoo on Instagram. The phrase is “breath deep” written in white script.  She has recently started using this art and her tattoos just keep on coming.

Cara develigne tattoo#Angelina Jolie

The idol of many males and females as well. Angelina is a big fan of tattoo art, and has dozen of tattoos over her body, which attract the audience almost at every Red carpet show. One of her recent tattoos is called “Know your rights”, which is done on her neck.angelina-jolie tatoo