Tender Gold Tattoo Ideas for Girls

You can get the best tattoo designs using your imagination. There are tattoo designs which may give you a tender and feminine look. The tattoos that we are going to represent to all female tattoo lovers are gold tattoo ideas. Actually the gold tattoo designs appeared about nine years ago in the year 2006 when the traveler Arnaud Akatsuka has a great idea in Japan to create a gold tattoo designs. At first these tattoos were real hit for the tattoo lovers but then they started to be widely used in the United Arab Emirates.  tender gold tattoo designThe idea of having these tattoo designs came up when the girls started to get henna tattoos, so this was a motivation for the tattoo artists to create gold tattoos. Since they are unique in their style, we decided show you the most tender gold tattoo ideas. If you get it make sure, you are going to be in the center of attention. For example a lot of females choose heart gold tattoos for their wedding day. Surely having a heart tattoo on your big day is a great idea.

Gold tattoo with flowers

The flowers are one of the most used elements for tattoos. They are suitable of any designs and in this case no matter what kind of flower you are going to choose because in all cases it is going to have an elegant and tender look. But you can take it due to its meaning so search for the flower tattoo designs, get the meanings and decide which one you like to have.flower gold tattoo designGold tattoo on back

All body locations can be used as a place for these tattoos. For example if you like to have a huge gold tattoo the back is a perfect area because the tattoo artist will have enough place for creating a huge back gold tattoo design, although small tattoos also can be chosen. By the way for gold tattoo designs people choose more visible places like arm, neck etc.god tattoo on backGold tattoo on wrist and forearm

Due to these kinds of designs you can get a look of jewelry on your wrist or forearm. In this case you will not need to wear any other jewelry.gold tattoo design on wristButterfly tattoo designs   

Like flowers, butterflies are also very popular tattoo elements, so you can take if for your gold tattoo design. The butterfly has a cut and feminine look and you can choose the location that you want because on all body parts the butterfly will look stunning.  butterfly golden tattoo designsThe gold tattoo on shoulder

Bellow we have represented you an example of the gold tattoo design, which is done on shoulder. The tattoo is unique and the red color added to it, gives more beautiful look. The tattoo represents a piece of art and all the time keeps your eye on it.  gold tattoo design on shoulder for femalesNowadays more and more people go for the gold tattoo designs, although it cost them much money, but if these tattoos inspire our tattoo lovers, why not to have it. So, if you are one of the gold tattoo lovers, do not waste your time on thinking, just go and get it.  gold tattoo design on shoulder