Tattoos of Rihanna, Megan Fox and Kat Von D

The celebrities are the biggest fans of this body art. We can witness diverse types of tattoos on their bodies, when being caught by paparazzis during different events. The list of the most tattooed celebrities includes Rihanna, Megan Fox and Kat Von D. They have numerous tattoos on their bodies, which they enjoy showing off to the crowd.
celebrity tattoos

The first one is the famous Pop singer Rihanna, who owns more than 20 tattoos. The most visible ones are the “Shhh” interjection applied on the inner part of her pointer finger, which looks great in her facial photoshoots. She has also “love” on the middle finger of her left hand and also a tiny skull with a bow at the back of her left foot. Some other tattoos are done on her neck and back, for instance the gun, the bunch of small stars on the back, some phrases done on the front of her neck etc. One of the latest ones is the hand henna-like tattoo, which covers all her hand till the nails. 

rihanna finger tattoo

rihanna neck tattoo

rihanna gun tattoo

riri tattoo

rihanna hand tattoo

The next one is Megan Fox- one of the sexiest actresses in the movie world. She has been criticized for her tattoos, as she prefers personalities and shocking phrases tattooed on her body. One of her famous tattoos is the phrase from Shakespeare’s “King Lear” novel, called “We will all laugh at gilded butterflies”. It seems to us, that she mostly prefers short telling messages,  so the one refers to her personal life history: “there once was a little girl who never knew love until a boy broke her Heart’. Another one is the woman of her inspiration- Marilyn Monroe, which is her portrait done on Megan’s right forearm. On the lower part of her right leg she has a five pointed moon and a star etc.

megan fox bakc tattoo

megan fox tattoo

megan monroe tattooAnd finally the last one is Kat Von D- author, artist and television star, who has covered her body with beautiful and inspiring tattoos. However, it would be difficult to name all her tattoos, but we have mentioned some visible and significant ones. Such as the roses that cover her arms and the little stars on her face, after her favorite Motley Crue song Starry Eyes. Moreover, she even has portraits of her father tattooed on her body. Her example was a great inspiration for many people, and she breaks the stereotype that women with many tattoos are not feminine,  as her look is the real proof.

kat von d

kat von d body tattoo

kat von d face tattoo