Small Tattoo Designs for Girls

Small tattoos are the most convenient ones for those, who don’t like being in the center of attention or get tired of seeing the same tattoo during the whole life. Moreover, there comes a time in life, that the phrase or picture is annoying you or reminds you of an unhappy period of life etc.. Thus, we have gathered the coolest and the prettiest small tattoo ideas for you! Enjoy!!!!!

girly tattoo

note tattoo

small-girl-tattoos 2015#Flowers, Bows and Butterflies 

Floral tattoos and bows are favorite among girls. Flowers can symbolize love towards nature, love, wealth, luck etc. One of the most common tattoos among girls are the tiny ones done behind the ear and on the wrist, which express childish and girlish. Butterfly tattoos always look good on women at any age. Hereby are some examples:


Small tattoo on neck

small idea for tattoo


Small cat tattoos are very cute ideas for cat lovers. The following tattoo on the neck can easily be hidden by a scarf or with long hair. These tats can be a sweet memory for those girls who owe a cat, or have lost them.

cat tattoo

Cat tattoo on neck#Hearts

Heart tattoos have always been favorite among girls of all ages, but nowadays the standard hearts are replaced by cute and small ones, which can sometimes be even unnoticed. Sometimes girlfriends prefer to have matching heart tattoos as a sign of a lifelong friendship. And these tats are timeless and will never be out of style.



The biggest fans of such tattoos are celebrities, who can do a tat even under the influence of a moment. Moreover, they can wear the names of  their spouses, and according to their short marriages, have them erased. Thus, these tattoos become a motivation for many girls and boys, who write some phrases or words, which remind them of a special event, person or situation.

love-tattoo name name tattoo#Rings

Ring tattoos are meant for those people, who are married, but it is uncomfortable for them in everyday life or they forget to wear rings. In addition to this, it is feasible for the representatives of sport to wear rings, and they prefer having tattoo-rings, which are always with them and don’t bother them during their activities.

ring tattoo


The latest modern tattoo for the women, who do makeup every day, and don’t get tired of the standard eyeliner, lipliner or browliner. Thus this is a risky step, but it always helps you look fresh and in a good form.