Best Shoulder Tattoo Designs for Girls

There are many body components, where the tattoos look fantastic, and one of the, is the shoulder part. Both men and women apply tattoo designs of numerous styles on their shoulder. However, girls can choose different designs for obtaining feminine and girlish results. Shoulder tattoos for girls bring a really elegant and classy look to the general look.

shoulder tattoo designs for girls

In general, the tattoos are created in order to emphasize many parts of the shoulder. The shoulder tattoos additionally perform as support tattoos to highlight and complete the most tattoos, which could be inked on the other part of the body.Here, we’ve selected an exciting array of art gallery with amazing and beautiful shoulder tattoos. 

About twenty years ago when tattooing became more socially acceptable, mainly due to the many celebrities who publicly sported tattoos, women started applying some designs on their bodies. So, tattoos for women became more common and acceptable. Nowadays most people find female tattoos attractive, they certainly aren’t offensive anymore. Moreover, tattoos are more like a fashion item these days.

nice shoulder tattoo for women

There is a wide belief, that tribal tattoos are very common among men, while flowers are popular with women tattoo lovers. Thus, tattoos for women are generally smaller and prettier than male tattoos because we consider smaller, more delicate things to be meant for the weak creatures-women.
Nevertheless, there is a huge number of females, who don’t like girlish and small designs, and they go in for larger and rude tattoos. Honestly, the result become awful, as the tattoo makes them behave manly and coarsely.
Tribal: Despite the fact, that tribal designs are common among men, girls also prefer some tribal prints on their shoulders. It represents a strong figure of an individual, and women can have the chance to show off their independence.

Tribal shoulder tattoo for girls

Tribal shoulder tattoo for girls

tribal shoulder designs

tribal flower on shoulder

Birds: There are various kinds of bird-shaped tattoos. Some of the most popular ones are swallows, peacocks, small flock of birds etc. They include peacock-style tattoo, swallow-shaped or small flock of birds.

stock of bats on shoulder

swallow tattoo on shoulder

Swallow tattoo on shoulder

Flowers: Probably the most favorite tattoo design for women. As there are millions of flowers in the world, women have a huge opportunity to choose from this stock. Some of the beautiful tattoos, which look cute on girl’s shoulders, are lotuses, roses, lilacs etc. The flowers can be colorful, which make them look like an artistic creation.

flowers on shoulder for girls

rose shoulder tattoo


Butterflies: Another amazing shoulder tattoo design for girls are the butterflies. These meaningful prints always look feminine as a tattoo. The butterfly symbolizes beauty, peace, love, freedom etc.. Moreover, it describes some changes and transformation, something new and fresh happening in life. So why not wearing such a powerful and symbolizing tattoo?

butterfly shoulder tattoo design

Butterfly shoulder tattoo design

cute butterfly tattoo for girls

In the end, we would like to give advice to you dear girls! Don’t apply huge and masculine tattoos on your thin and cute shoulder. Remember, boys love elegant and feminine girls and accordingly, would like to see small and pretty shoulder tattoos, so think about it. GOOD LUCK!!!