10 Elegant Lace Tattoo Designs For Women

Getting a tattoo is an important decision, as it is going to stay throughout your lifetime. Thus, you should apply something that you like looking at and you will not mind people looking at. So, before doing a tattoo, take into consideration the visual and symbolism impacts.

lace tattoos for girls

Lace tattoo designs are meant mainly for girls. These tattoos always look fresh and feminine. They can be used instead of precious and heavy accessories and can be a simple decoration for your body. Below you can find the most elegant and stunning lace tattoo ideas for you!

Black Lace Ribbon Tattoo Designs
Ribbon tattoos are favorite tattoo ideas among girls. If you have an intention to apply a ribbon on your body, use an innovative and fresh idea and make the ribbon in lace-shaped. It will be hot and eye-catching as well.

Lace ribbon tattoo

Lace ribbon tattoo

Leg or thighs lace tattoo design
If you have beautiful and hot body, especially- thighs, adorn them with lace tattoos. The place is big and the ideas are great for this part of your body. Use it reasonably and rock in the summer!

thigh leg tattoo design

Permanent neck lace tattoo
Don’t hesitate to decorate and spotlight your long and sexy neck with these lace tattoos. In special events, wear a very elegant and sexy strapless dress and show off your amazing tattoo design. This tattoo gives a feeling that you wearing something though you are not.

lace tattoo on neck

neck lace tattoo design

Neck lace tattoo design

A bow tie
Use a real bow tie in a tattoo shape. This is one of the most favorite accessories of women. And it can create a sexy addition to your elegant leg open dress.

Bow tie tatoo ideas for girls

Bow tie tatoo ideas for girls

bow tie tattoo

lace leg tattoo

Heart shaped lace tattoo design
As heart tattoos are very common designs for girls, you can own an original heart shaped lace tattoo. In this picture the heart is decorated with some accessory prints, thus making the tattoo girlish and stunning. Use this beautiful pattern and be different.

Heart lace tattoo design

Heart lace tattoo design

Full back lace tattoo design
Want to have a permanent full body tattoo? Why not try the lace one? You back can be adorned with a lace pattern, which will always make your body desirable and passionate for your spouse.

Full body lace tattoo

lace tattoo on back

Henna cum lace tattoo designs
Hennas are a great means for having lace permanent tattoos. It will vanish from your body in 10-12 days. So don’t worry and don’t hesitate to have a special decoration for short period of time. Henna is a unique tattoo to have in this summer.

henna tattoo art

hena lace tattoo

Hena lace tattoo

3D butterfly tattoo
Lover of 3D tattoos? Love real looking butterflies on your body? Lace tattoos give you the opportunity to combine your wishes. So, this art of having a 3D tattoo is becoming more common and people are becoming more aware of it. Choose a nice butterfly design and make it in lace shaped.

butterfly lace tattoo

Butterfly 3D lace tattoo

Neck to arm lace tattoo
A lace is compared with a tree, as it has a long start and en endless termination. Start the tattoo from your neck and go up to your fingers. Don’t think this is masculine form, as lace tattoos are created for girls and it will definitely decorate your body part.

Lace tattoo design

rose and lace tattoo