Small tattoo ideas

Perhaps you have decided to get your first tattoo. Small tattoos are considered to be the best options as first tattoos. Women who want cute and pretty tattoo designs can easily find the one that is closer to their hearts and men who wish small yet unique tattoo designs can choose one of the following small tattoos.

Heartbeat Tattoo Designs and Meanings

What other creative and cool tattoo idea if not a heartbeat line? Imagine every time you feel happy or fall in love and the tattoo design will remind you about the butterflies in your stomach. Seems funny, but will work great!
A number of people have taken that emotional moment and symbol and decided to have it tattooed on a part of their body. Some people do it to remember someone special, to celebrate someone special or to remind themselves that death is just a heartbeat away.

heartbeat tattoo ideas

Some of those getting a heartbeat line tattoo also add other design elements added to it. Probably the most frequent item is a heart, which can depict the wearer’s love towards a person.

Spectacular Wrist Tattoo Designs

Wrist tattoos are the perfect way to display your personality, and are located on a visible area of the body that lets you admire your artwork regularly. They are popular for people of any sex, age and walk of life. An important thing to keep in mind is that, you should always protect your wrist from the sun rays; otherwise it will fade and lose its beauty soon. So if you’ve decided to go for a wrist tattoo, here are a selection of the finest designs and styles to choose from.

wrist tattoo ideasStars
Stars are a stylish design for wrist tattoos, and you can go for a plain star both in black or a bright color, and in any design. A number of different sized ‘shooting stars’ look stunning tattooed on a wrist, or you can choose to have a matching pair, with one tattooed on each wrist.

Creative Hand Tattoos for Men and Women

Compared to the past, the hand tattoos were only seen on gang members, prisoners and native tribe people. While nowadays, hand tattoos are becoming more and more common for males and females. And if you’re considering joining this trend, here are some great ideas for you as well as some important things to consider before getting your hand tattooed.

hand tattoo idea

Important Tips

As a hand tattoo is a serious commitment, you really need to think more when it comes to your hands. There are some important things to consider before rushing out and getting one.

Cool Anchor Tattoo Ideas for Men and Women

Generally, the navy attributes have become great tattoo ideas for men and women as well. The anchor tattoos are also favorite styles, which can be done almost on anybody part, as the look cute and amazing in any style and color. So, if you would like t have your next tattoo in this style, please follow the ideas and tips.

anchor tattoo ideas for men and women

Anchor tattoos are one of the rarest styles, which have similar styles and are not differentiated for men and women. They can be designed alone or with other anchors and elements. Attention! Anchor tattoos designs give you lots of options, so use your imagination and create a creative and unique style.

Sweet Matching Tattoos for Sisters

Sisters are the best friends, who know you well enough and never let you down. Although there cannot be sisters who don’t argue and fight sometimes, but after some minutes they hug and kiss each other. Moreover, what other person, if not your sister to tell your secrets and anything, you hide from your mom? Take care of them and express your love in such a unique way, as having matching tattoos. These tattoos will remind you that you are not alone and will show your strong and deep bond.

sister tattoo ideas

Now, when you have decided with your sister to get matching tattoo designs, choosing the design can be difficult, since there are so many matching sister tattoo ideas out there. It will be something that you’ll have with you forever, and it should symbolize the love and bond you share with your sister.

Finger Tattoo Ideas

What a fun! Finger tattoos are the latest crazy designs that are becoming very common among both genders. They have various styles, starting from the ring ideas up to symbolic pictures for every individual. Thus, you can enjoy the list of some creative and meaningful finger tattoos and a few recommendations before having tattooed fingers.

finger tattoo ideas

Inky fingers are a cool idea to have. Differ from everybody with your unique and creative fingers and astonish the admirers. Remember, that a tiny bit of ink on a finger can say a little or a lot about you.

Best Wolf Tattoos for Men and Women

As we have been assured, during the time almost everything becomes an idea for tattoo art. Sometimes people choose those designs, which have the deepest meanings or in case of the nonsense ideas, they create their own symbols and carry them throughout their lifetime.

3d colorful Wolf tattoosAnimals comprise a great percent in the tattoo designs and their meanings can be very different from each other. This article refers to the wolves, which are one of the favorite animal tattoo designs for men and women at the same time. Their meanings are limitless as well.

15 Creative Guitar Tattoo Designs

The music lovers are welcome! If you don’t imagine your life without music, like the biggest fans, apply a tattoo of music notes or your favorite instrument on your body, which will always be your companion throughout your life. Thus, this article refers to the guitar tattoo designs, which are of different colors and styles. If you have decided to go for such a design, then you ought to be looking for one that will be a representation of what and who you are and what you want the tattoo to mean.

cute guitar tattoo Actually, guitar tattoo designs are more often than not just a reflection of a person’s undying love for music. Sometimes people get guitar tattoos as a tribute of their favorite musician or guitarist. For example many people still have guitar tattoos to express their sorrow at the death of Elvis Presley! Or a person having a guitar tattoo inked on his or her body, becomes a permanent business card of the holder’s profession.

Cool Tattoo Designs For Couples

Have a beloved one? Don’t have a mutual amulet or symbol yet? Try cool matching tattoos for your endless love! Make a crazy step together and have fun.


Moreover if you find yourself thinking of your sweetheart all the time and find her/him enticing even after a long time of being together, then why not put all that you feel for each other and all that you have together in the form of a special tattoo? If unluckily you find that you are parting ways due to any reason, you still have the memory of good times with you in the form of body art.

Several Things About White Ink Tattoos

Have you seen a white ink tattoo? If no, this article will teach you a lot, and the picture may become a motivation for you. This ink is hardly visible can even be misunderstood with a scar on your body. Sometimes without the help of natural light, you can not notice them. This form of tattooing is common among both the genders.white feather tattooIf you don’t like being in the center of attention with your tattooed skin, these white tattoos can be ideal for you. Meanwhile, the process requires maximum attention, because once the pigments mix with the bloodstream then there is a chance of the color traveling to other parts of the skin. So, choose a very professional tattoo artist in order to get rid of such situation.