Spiritual Buddhist Tattoo designs

For some people tattoos meant to get self-confidence, others want to have tattoo designs in order to show their love or respect towards someone or something. All tattoo designs have their own meanings, ideas or symbols. It is very important to choose right tattoo design. In our previous articles we have spoken about fruit, animal tattoos this time we decided to represent you the most spiritual Buddhist tattoo designs.Tibetan Buddhist Tattoos on armBuddhist tattoo designs suggest the most interesting and meaningful options for your tattoo. Buddhism stands for awareness, wisdom, and mindfulness so it is obvious that with these meanings your tattoo design is going to have a very creative look. So, let’s move on and see which Buddhist tattoos are popular among males and females.

Buddha’s face

Very often people choose Buddha’s face as a tattoo design and it is possible to get this tattoo on any area of your body. Of course a large Buddha’s face on back part of your body will have a stunning look although they are amazing for arm leg, shoulder and other parts of body too.

 Golden Buddha

These types of tattoos can be depicted both with the entire body and with the face only. Golden Buddha is a symbol of Buddhist teaching.  Wonderful colors are used to depict these amazing tattoos.  meaningful Buddist tattooMeditating Buddha tattoo design

Meditating Buddha is the next popular tattoo design. For this design both gray and black colors are excellent match. If you want to go for this tattoo design we suggest you to choose a very interesting statement in order to make a great combination with meditating Buddha tattoo. The most suitable body area for this tattoo is back.Buddha on neck Tattoo - Copy The laughing Buddha tattoo design

When we speak about Buddha the first thing that crosses our mind is Buddha’s laughing face. This image is one of the best choices for tattoo designs. No matter you will choose Buddha’s whole body or just face in all cases your tattoo is going to have an awesome look.The Laughing  Buddha tattoo designBuddhist prayer

You can choose a meaningful piece of prayer and use it on your tattoo design. These meaningful tattoos for sure can be a source of inspiration for you. Very often people go for symbols for the mantra which is used in meditation. You can choose any body are for this tattoo because in all areas it will be awesome. For females who want to emphasize the beauty of their neck we advise to have it down the back of the neck. Tibetan Buddhist Tattoos on armMandala wheel

Mandala wheel represents the circle of life. These tattoos are associated with enlightenment, universe and wisdom. They are stunning in black and gray color although other colors also can be used. Remember that your tattoo should be based on your preferences.  red and black Buddha Tattoo Half Sleeve

Tattooed Thai Buddhist Monk

Tattooed Thai Buddhist Monk

Golden Buddha tattoo

buddha sleeve tattoo - Copy

buddhist tattoo design for females - Copy

buddhist tattoo design on back - Copy

colorful buddha tattoo design

Golden Buddha tattoo

buddhist tattoos design religious

buddhist tattoos on back

buddhist tattoo design on foot