20 Nice Rain Tattoo Ideas

Rain creates a wonderful tattoo design, while it is not so much common among tattoo lovers. Thus, many people tend to show the image of an umbrella or a flower in the rain to protect the one caught out in the rain. Some people even include another rain related object like a cloud, birds and other features.

rain tattoo on back

Dear friends, if you are looking for the right examples of rain tattoos, which will be stylish throughout the years, the following examples will definitely give you fresh ideas.

20 Skull Tattoo Designs For Men

Tattoo designs speak of your personality and express your creativity and flight of thought. People can make an opinion about us while looking at these visual interpretations. Thus, think a lot about the further impressions before applying these lifelong pictures on your bodies. This article is dedicated to males, who are skull tattoo lovers and are intended to apply such tattoos. Skulls can be tattooed with different colors and designs, which will distinguish yours from other ordinary designs. Hereby, we suggest the best types of skulls, which will aid you to make a good choice.

skull tattoo

Hence, skull tattoos have become popular in these days. There is a general opinion, that they express your unique lifestyle and your own rules towards life. So make a use of this chance to dictate your rules!

Tattoos of Rihanna, Megan Fox and Kat Von D

The celebrities are the biggest fans of this body art. We can witness diverse types of tattoos on their bodies, when being caught by paparazzis during different events. The list of the most tattooed celebrities includes Rihanna, Megan Fox and Kat Von D. They have numerous tattoos on their bodies, which they enjoy showing off to the crowd.
celebrity tattoos

The first one is the famous Pop singer Rihanna, who owns more than 20 tattoos. The most visible ones are the “Shhh” interjection applied on the inner part of her pointer finger, which looks great in her facial photoshoots. She has also “love” on the middle finger of her left hand and also a tiny skull with a bow at the back of her left foot. Some other tattoos are done on her neck and back, for instance the gun, the bunch of small stars on the back, some phrases done on the front of her neck etc. One of the latest ones is the hand henna-like tattoo, which covers all her hand till the nails. 

15 Best Wedding Ring Tattoo Designs

Forever linked or inked? That is the question!

Getting married is generally a great and responsible step for everybody. Thus the couples think over this day for many months and even years. The whole preparation process includes lots of events and goods. Starting from the clothing and to the party components. One of them are the wedding rings, which symbolize the endless love and loyalty of the couples. But here comes another question like: Is it comfortable to wear the ring in everyday life? If the answer is no, follow the best advice of the tattoo artists.  According to the latest tattoo trends, wedding rings can also be replaced by the tattoo art, which will remain for the whole life and will never bother you.

wedding ring tats

From the evidence of many wedding histories, most of the people spend huge amount of money or sometimes borrow the needed money and get in debt. As the wedding rings cost a lot of money as well, thus you can lighten your expenses a little bit by doing the ring tattoos instead of the diamond luxuries.

10 Stunning Dandelion Tattoo Designs for Girls

The dandelion tattoo is very popular among men and women. In comparison with lotus and other flowers, the dandelion is considered to be an ordinary tattoo design. Sometimes they are done with little colors, as the black one is the original and most common shade. And the dandelion can be tattooed almost anywhere on the body, although they’re mostly seen on the shoulder.

dandelion tattoo art

As regards the meaning of the dandelions, they have been symbolic to a variety of cultures over the years and has been popular in folklore and legends. The dandelion tattoo can remind us to enjoy every moment that we are blessed to have as we are given the chance to make the most of it.

Cool Lotus Flower Tattoo Designs

Flowers are a decorative part of tattoo designs and Lotus flower is the most popular and meaningful one among them. Its symbolism comes from its relationship with the elements of water and fire. As it grows in the water, the lotus has become a natural tribute to water-affiliated concepts like: Dreams, Emotion, Intuition, Awareness, Purification. Both small and large lotus tattoos are always good-looking and add some original and nice additions to any body art. The colors are different, from simple back to bright colors and are based on your personal taste.

lotus design tattoo

As regards the spiritual meaning, it is the symbol in Buddhism, which reflect faith, purification and light. In nature lotus grows in the mud and becomes noticeable from the water surface when it blossoms, thus representing the Buddhist’s level of enlightenment. 

Great Tattoo Sleeve Designs

Actually, men tattoo lovers prefer having tats on their arms or sleeves, which looks hot and always grabs attention. According to the fact, that sleeve tattoos cover most of their bodies, so “think twice and cut once”. To help you in your choice, we have included some fresh ideas of sleeve tattoo designs.

sleeve tattoo ideas

This mentioned tattoo is a fierce-looking sleeve design, which has covered the whole sleeve and has a timeless phrase on, accompanied with mystical skull, roses, cards done in black color. It involves so much content, that you can find new images from the different angles.

Cool Foot and Flip Flop Tattoo Ideas

Whether foot tattoos are erased soon or not, that has been the great question of the recent years. Some owners claim that it doesn’t matter where the tattoo is applied, it lasts for the entire life, while others say that shoes and socks benefit to the early process of fading. But the real thing is that how you take care of them.

Feet colorfulTattoo

Anyway, the aging process of the tattoos is connected with skin types, as the feet skin has thicker layer, which speaks of the thing, that it can stay for long years. Another conditions are the quality of the ink, the importance of less sun light and it can survive with regular moisturizing procedures.

Amazing Butterfly Tattoos for Girls

In the past, tattoo lovers were mainly men, who did almost all types of tats in order to get the attention of the opposite sex. Meanwhile, the number of women tattoo doers has grown dramatically. Unfortunately, females are not always right with choosing tattoo styles, and sometimes we can witness a girl wearing a very rude and manly tattoo, which instead of decorating the body, makes it nasty and undesirable. However, among the sensible examples for any girl are the butterfly tattoo designs, which look fine on women of any age.

butterflies on arm

As a matter of fact, the butterfly symbolizes beauty, peace, love, freedom etc.. Moreover, it describes some changes and transformation, something new and fresh. The best example are the college girls, who do such tattoo when they finish the college or graduate from the University etc. Or the imprisoned people have butterflies tattoos as a freedom sign , when they come out of the prison. 

20 Best Chest Tattoos For Men in 2015

Have you imagined your body to be a canvas? However, there are chiseled tattoo lovers, who cover most of their body with a picture or some abstract prints. Summer is coming, so it is the high time you show your trained body and the cherished tattoo and attract girls. As a result, the main chest tattoos are very common and identical, thus, we have singled out the coolest and the most unique chest tattoo designs for 2015.  If you think that only the black skull tattoos are the most exciting ones, after reading the article, you will change your mind and maybe they will motivate you or your man to have such kinds of tats. Some of them are colorful, while others are classy black ones, which look perfect on well-trained and hot bodies. So, pay attention to the details of  the tattoo, that will be your loyal friend throughout your life.

tattoo design for chest

Thus, the most favorite chiseled tattoos among men are the skull ones,which appear both in black and colorful shades, while including some other prints, which complete the whole idea of such tats: