Spine Tattoos for Men and Women

Spine tattoos are included in the list of the newest tattoo ideas for men and women. These tattoos create feminine and sexy looks and risky women apply spine tattoo designs and show off their back in hot seasons. Actually, the spine tattoo starts from your neck to the lower back part, and they cover your whole backbone. And it’s undeniable fact, that long one is the best suitable to your backbones. Thus, if you have decided to apply a spine tattoo, check out the following 50 coolest spine tattoo ideas.

spine tattoo ideas for men and women

There is a wide opportunity of spine tattoo designs, as you can apply Chinese letters, floral prints, meaningful quotes and other options. The choice is yours! What about the colors, they vary from classy black to colorful designs, and both looking great. Because of the strong pain during the process, many people refuse to do such steps, while others concentrate on the positive side and think about the final stunning result, which will dizzy the admirers.

5 Most Popular Armband Tattoo Designs

Armband tattoos are one of the most favorite types among both genders. They have come to replace the accessories, like bracelets, arm bands and just decorating your arms throughout your lifetime. Just apply an armband tattoo design and create your own personal style, choosing the tattoo to be the symbol of your ideals, beliefs or dreams.


To your great pleasure, there are numerous options of armband tattoo designs. And some of the most popular choices for inking an armband include the famous Celtic knot band, barbed wire armband, chain armbands, floral wreath armbands, and so many more. We’ve checked out dozens of different outstanding and impressive armband tattoo designs. Take a look at them and find yours!

Amazing Japanese Tattoo Designs

Japanese Tattoos can seem to be rare for their strange characters, while it is not true so much, as there are lots of Japanese pictures and symbols that are favorite among other nations as well.
To our surprise, Japanese Tattoo Art was all about handmade stuff. Machines came in very late to the Japanese Tattoo scene. These tattoos are mostly applied on the entire leg or arm, or on the whole body and are common among both genders. Compared with western tattoo designs, which lacks of detailed work, Japanese tattoos include many details and you should look very attentively in order to see the whole nuances.

japanese tattoos

Here we will tell you the important factors about Japanese tattoos designs and what they mean. So before doing it, choose the most cool meaningful Japanese tattoo from the following list.

10 Elegant Lace Tattoo Designs For Women

Getting a tattoo is an important decision, as it is going to stay throughout your lifetime. Thus, you should apply something that you like looking at and you will not mind people looking at. So, before doing a tattoo, take into consideration the visual and symbolism impacts.

lace tattoos for girls

Lace tattoo designs are meant mainly for girls. These tattoos always look fresh and feminine. They can be used instead of precious and heavy accessories and can be a simple decoration for your body. Below you can find the most elegant and stunning lace tattoo ideas for you!

Sun Tattoos – Ideas and Meanings

Without sun, there is no life! And every culture gives its significant meaning on the sun. As the sun is depicted in nearly all ancient cultures, that makes it the most essential symbol of life on earth. According to the facts about Ancient civilizations, it is believed that the sun was the symbol of vitality and fertility for them. While, Native Americans considered the sun to be the guardian of the day with the power to heal. Some cultures like the Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians made the sun a sacred symbol and even worshiped the sun and viewed it as a god.

sun tattoo designs

Sun has become a tattoo idea for many years. It is applied in different styles and colors and has lots of meanings. Two of the most common meanings of the sun tattoo are truth and light. Many people believe that the sun gives light to guide us through dark times.

Awesome Arrow Tattoos for Men and Women

Arrows are considered to be Native American symbols, which have diverse meanings. The arrow was their weapon, which helped them in hunting and it was a tool for protection and sustenance. They also symbolize the destination and aim and the will to always move forward.

Arrow tattoo around ankle

Now there is no need to worry about the body part, where the tattoo will be applied on. They can be in all sizes, and still be attractive. While pay attention to the fact, that small arrow tattoos can be hidden anytime you want, but before you go for any decision check out this amazing gallery for getting an inspiration.

Phoenix Tattoo Designs for Men

People who go for tattoos always put several meaning to their tattoos. But there are tattoo designs that have fixed special meaning that is well-known. These meanings sometimes are quite interesting. It is preferable to know the stories of tour tattoos and the meanings of the elements they contain. Many tattoo designs come from old stories, legends and myths that are told by people. In this article we’ll speak about the legendary bird phoenix which is widely used in tattoo art.

Phoenix Tattoos for Men

Phoenix is a magical bird which is the main hero of many stories. It has the ability to emerge from ashes and live hundreds of years. It has also the ability to put together a nest and lay only one egg. As a tattoo design it symbolizes power, strength, and rebirth and shows the wearer’s strong belief towards myths and legends.

15 Creative Guitar Tattoo Designs

The music lovers are welcome! If you don’t imagine your life without music, like the biggest fans, apply a tattoo of music notes or your favorite instrument on your body, which will always be your companion throughout your life. Thus, this article refers to the guitar tattoo designs, which are of different colors and styles. If you have decided to go for such a design, then you ought to be looking for one that will be a representation of what and who you are and what you want the tattoo to mean.

cute guitar tattoo Actually, guitar tattoo designs are more often than not just a reflection of a person’s undying love for music. Sometimes people get guitar tattoos as a tribute of their favorite musician or guitarist. For example many people still have guitar tattoos to express their sorrow at the death of Elvis Presley! Or a person having a guitar tattoo inked on his or her body, becomes a permanent business card of the holder’s profession.

Cool Tattoo Designs For Couples

Have a beloved one? Don’t have a mutual amulet or symbol yet? Try cool matching tattoos for your endless love! Make a crazy step together and have fun.


Moreover if you find yourself thinking of your sweetheart all the time and find her/him enticing even after a long time of being together, then why not put all that you feel for each other and all that you have together in the form of a special tattoo? If unluckily you find that you are parting ways due to any reason, you still have the memory of good times with you in the form of body art.

Unique Neck Tattoo Designs for Women

The neck is considered to be the most beautiful part of a female body. If not tattoos, what else can decorate your slim and graceful neck? Try to think about adding a nice tattoo design on your neck. We will help you to get the useful information and the nicest tattoo ideas. As the neck is a noticeable part of your body, try to choose the best version which will be in the center of attention of many people.

neck tattoo for women

In general, tattoos are favorite among many fashion seekers and the look is reliant on the ability of the creative tattoo artist and the placement of the specific tattoo.The neck is a fairly revealed part and the tattoos etched here get good public showings. Big sized Tattoos always get noticed by people however if you have got a little one at the back and in case, you are a woman with long hair, you can hide it only when you desire to.