Finger Tattoo Ideas

What a fun! Finger tattoos are the latest crazy designs that are becoming very common among both genders. They have various styles, starting from the ring ideas up to symbolic pictures for every individual. Thus, you can enjoy the list of some creative and meaningful finger tattoos and a few recommendations before having tattooed fingers.

finger tattoo ideas

Inky fingers are a cool idea to have. Differ from everybody with your unique and creative fingers and astonish the admirers. Remember, that a tiny bit of ink on a finger can say a little or a lot about you.

Ladybug Tattoo Ideas for Women

Nowadays, the popularity of tattoos is widely acceptable by men and women of all ages. You can become the witness of most elegant and extravagant tattoo designs on different parts of the bodies. And each of them symbolizes the wear’s individual ideas. In this article, we will discuss the meanings and symbols of ladybugs tattoos, and you will become sure to have your next tattoo in this design.

Ladybug tattoo for women back

Likewise, there is a wide variety of tattoos that can suit to anybody’s character and taste. Some of the well-known tattoos include religious symbols like a cross, the names of friends and family, Ladybug TattooDesign etc.

This tattoo design of a ladybug has become a very favorite design among women. The reason behind why a tattoo design of a ladybug is famous is because of what this tattoo speaks to.It represents freedom and fragility and the fact that a ladybug experiences a transformation, which begins with the caterpillar, turning a casing and afterward rising as a ladybug. Furthermore, the wings symbolize their high flight and multidirectional travelling. Finally, this design of a ladybug tattoo is the expression of the beauty. Ladybugs are exceptionally beautiful and possess astonishing natural colors. That is the reason they symbolize magnificence to the individual who has this design on his/her body.

Original Lion Tattoos for Men

It is an undeniable fact, that lion is the king of the jungle. It is the symbol of courage, pride and leadership. Furthermore, it has become an inspiration in the tattoo world, as men prefer showing their inner power and energy via different styles of Lion tattoos. So, we have managed to collect the most meaningful and powerful lion tattoo designs for you to get inspired!

Roaring Lion tattoo

While some tattoos feature lions baring their teeth and appearing ferocious, others present their calm and peaceful side. We spent hours scouring the Web for the hottest pieces of inspiration to generate this list of the twenty most original lion tattoos around:

According to the legends, the lion is the animal, which defends and saves the weak creatures. This tattoo also represents the fact that Christians see Jesus as a symbolic lion that has been sent to Earth to make up for their inadequacies.

Amazing Turtle Tattoo Ideas

The turtle has been called as a symbol of strength and stability. The shell and their multi functional lifestyle have made the turtle very unique and inoffensive animal. The Pacific Ocean is the reign of this creature, and lots of legends have been arisen around this amphibious animal.cute turtle tattoosCreation Myths
The turtle has had its specific place in a wide variety of mythologies, where it is used as a support for the world:
In African folklore, the turtle is represented as the cheat god.
In India, the earth rests on the backs of elephants, supported by the shell of a turtle.

Pleasant Star Tattoo Ideas

Star tattoos are supposed to be common tattoo designs for both genders. If you are doing your first tattoo design, don’t hesitate to make a star tattoo, as it is a small and easy design. Start with a simple black star and go on.
Actually, the star is a significant icon in many religions. People used to watch at the sky and guess many things. Stars are universal symbols and have their unique meaning for each individual.
Thus you can include your familiar meaning to your tattoo, and make it be the symbol of your dreams etc.

star tattoos

Shooting Star Tattoos

In fact, shooting stars are meteors, which enter our atmosphere. There is a concept, that if you catch a glimpse of a shooting star and keep a dream it definitely comes true. They are also the symbol of success and good luck.
Shooting stars are mainly common among girls, who apply on their arms, leg, foot, wrist or on the lower back.

Best Wolf Tattoos for Men and Women

As we have been assured, during the time almost everything becomes an idea for tattoo art. Sometimes people choose those designs, which have the deepest meanings or in case of the nonsense ideas, they create their own symbols and carry them throughout their lifetime.

3d colorful Wolf tattoosAnimals comprise a great percent in the tattoo designs and their meanings can be very different from each other. This article refers to the wolves, which are one of the favorite animal tattoo designs for men and women at the same time. Their meanings are limitless as well.

Strange Eye Tattoo Designs

What other intriguing tattoo design to have, if not the image of an eye? Surprisingly, eye tattoo designs are equally common among women and men. These tattoos can depict the eye in a simple or strange manner. The human eye is the most real looking design with a dramatic influence. While there are many people, who apply the eyes of animals or cartoon versions of real eyes. If you are exploring this idea, then you will find this article very useful!

women Eye Tattoo on back

Meanings: In general, the eye is the most essential body part, which holds lots of symbolic meanings. The Christians believe that the eye belongs to God, which denotes the fact that it possesses the power to see everybody and everything at the same time.

Best Elephant Tattoo Designs and Ideas

In fact, elephants are one of the strongest and cleverest giants in the animal planet. They are also supposed to be the symbol of wealth and welfare. So why not have a tattoo of such big animals, which will cover a great meaning itself.

Baby elephants tattoo

Elephants also show prosperity, nature and can reflect the calm character of a person. Moreover, they are holy animals being worshipped in many countries and continents. However, there is one band and one good thing connected with the elephant tattoo design. The good thing is that they own some bonds with God like Lord Ganesha and Buddha. And the bad one is that the elephant tattoo requires much effort and is not an easy thing to depict. Elephant tattoos are common among both genders, and appear to be in different sizes. The best suitable body parts for elephant tattoo designs are the wrist, back, shoulder, knee, ankle, ribs, upper arm, inner arm, sleeve, back of neck and many other parts of body. These tattoos are available in many colors. Many people prefer the elephant to be in Polynesian, tribal, Maori and other art designs. The watercolor ink is also a favorite style for many tattoo lovers, who prefer to have a unique tattoo.

Creative Handprint Tattoo Ideas

Have you ever thought of having a very familiar and sweet tattoo design, which will remind you of your child or another cute baby and will always make you smile? If you do want, but have no idea what the matter is about, we suggest this interesting article, which is about the Handprint Tattoo Ideas.

3D handprint tattoo design Thus, among the most meaningful tattoo ideas, the handprints are in the A-list as well. They are considered to be the symbols of children and thus it is such a popular choice with parents. These can be worn by people of both the genders.In this article we will look at why people choose this hand print tattoo design, what are design possibilities and also the most common body parts for handprint tattoos.

Amazing US Flag Tattoos

What other famous flag if not the US? This flag stands for the strong and purposeful nation, who is free and united. So, the flag is the symbol of the American patriotism and courage.
Due to this powerful symbolism, The American flag has become an inspiration for tattoo lovers. The flag is depicted in different colors and can express personal ideas for each individual.

American flag 3d tattoo design

Common Designs: It consists of 50 stars, which denote the States. And the 13 stripes represent the 13 British colonies. The next design is connected with the Eagle, which is the national bird symbol of the USA. Some of the flag designs show the eagle flapping in the wind with the image of a soldier. Thus, the meanings are limitless and can represent different symbols of this strong nation.