Amazing US Flag Tattoos

What other famous flag if not the US? This flag stands for the strong and purposeful nation, who is free and united. So, the flag is the symbol of the American patriotism and courage.
Due to this powerful symbolism, The American flag has become an inspiration for tattoo lovers. The flag is depicted in different colors and can express personal ideas for each individual.

American flag 3d tattoo design

Common Designs: It consists of 50 stars, which denote the States. And the 13 stripes represent the 13 British colonies. The next design is connected with the Eagle, which is the national bird symbol of the USA. Some of the flag designs show the eagle flapping in the wind with the image of a soldier. Thus, the meanings are limitless and can represent different symbols of this strong nation.

American flag tattoo on chest

The fluttering Flag: This design shows the freedom of the nation, who gained it only after a massive struggle.

The bandanna print on the flag: The bandanna is used as the emphatic symbol to the nation. Moreover, this tattoo is very common among the veterans, who have served in the US army. And this tattoo serves as the sign of their contribution to the nation.

solder lost tattoo

A soldier lost in war: This one expresses the dramatic reality, as the soldiers fight heroically and donate their lives for the salvation and peace of their native people.

Bald Eagle with ripped flesh flag tattoo

Bald Eagle with ripped flesh flag tattoo: In fact, the eagle is a nice creature, which is the patriotic representative of the USA. So, it has a powerful impact with the aim to break out of the flesh.

Eagle and American flag tattoo

Flag and Eagle Tattoos: This tattoo can not only show your love towards your country,but also can be done with the eagle to make a profound visual impact.

Beyond that, before applying the American tattoo design on your body, make sure the picture will be done in a correct way, which will not offend the feeling of the other people. And do consider the location and the size of your flag tattoo, before you add other elements to it. Once you do all this, you can be sure that you will have a tattoo that looks great, has a lot of symbolic value and means a lot to you. Here are some more interesting ideas that can help you a lot!

american flag tattoo

american flag burning tattoo

butterfly and us flag tattoo

eagle american flag cutout

Eagle and american flag tattoo on back


Us flag star tattoo

Us flag tattoo design

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