Tender Swan Tattoo Designs

The tattoo designs vary in their styles and meanings. One of the most beautiful creatures around the world, swans as a tattoo designs have a lot of meanings. The swan tattoo design may represent both negative and positive meanings. It is considered that swan tattoo design represents both the darker side of the evil and the lighter side of the sun. This contrast has been shown in one of the most popular movie called Black Swan.white swan tattooDifferent kinds of stories were created around the swans in Celtic mythology. According to them swans with the pairs moved the Sun Chariot. People started to use the sample of swan as a jewelry since 1500 BC. This tradition continues even today, and the they are used as a design in different things.

In many old tribes swans represented beauty, elegance and balance. It is also said that swans are very loyal life mates and they live the rest of their life with the same partner. As a tattoo design all these mentioned meanings may be taken for inspiration. Someone may choose these tattoo designs maybe because he or she thinks they include all important ideas in them.tender swan tattoo design

swan with flowers tattoo design

swan with crown tattoo

swan wings tattoo designA swan is a symbol of calmness and peace, watching them you already become very relaxed and peaceful. The swan also represents love and romance, so you can meet the swan tattoo designs depicted as a couple of swans facing each other. People who are in love can take this tattoo design as a sign of love.swan tattoo on back

swan tattoo on arm

swan tattoo fo womenAnother interesting meaning is connected with the colors. It is said that when the tattoo is depicted in white color it means the end of war and the beginning of peace. When you decide to take the swan tattoo design you should be very careful about the size. You also should pay attention to the background elements.small swan tattoo designBlack tattoo designs are great as well as white ones. The tattoo artist combined the mystery look with the beauty and got and excellent result.  The black swan itself represents secret desire that you have. The black tattoo designs are very inspiring and you can have this tattoo with a combination of white color. White and black colors in this case represents balance of peace. You can choose the design that you want no matter small or large. Since the swans are associated with songs, music, as a symbolic element you may choose notes to indicate the meaning. The colors of swans are depicted mainly in white and black but you can also choose your own color to make the tattoo more impressive. The elements may be something that describe your nature but be careful while choosing an element because not everything will work well with the swan tattoo designs. Minimize the quantity of elements but choose the tender and cute ones.black swan with red flowers tattoo

swan knife tattoo

swan tattoo design for girlsIf you have already decided that you want to have one of these tattoo designs, we got some more examples of eye-catching and stunning swan tattoo designs. Choose the one and go ahead!  half sleeve swan tattoo design

hot tender tattoo design

huge swan tattoo design

huge swan tattoo for women

red and black swan tattoo design

simple swan tattoo

fignting swans tattoo

dark swan tattoo

dark colored swan tattoo

creative swan tattoo design

colorful swan tattoo design

tender swan tattoo