Snake Tattoo Designs

Some people are afraid of snakes and they cannot think even about have a tattoo design with the image of snakes, but the other group of people think that the snakes have fascinating appearance and getting a snake tattoo design is amazing. The snakes in different culture represent different meanings. The snakes are creatures with strong emotions which make them even more important in tattoo art.snake tattoo on collarboneIn nature there are different kinds of snakes. The colors of these species inspire the tattoo artist each time to create unique and amazing snake tattoo design. The best side of having a snake as a tattoo design is that it is possible to combine a lot of elements with it. You may take whatever comes into your maind and add it to the design.

The snake tattoo designs are more popular among females, but that does not mean that men do not go for it because it is possible to see a lot of males wearing a snake tattoo. As we have already mentioned in different cultures snakes represent different things for example among Asians snakes were connected with their culture, religion etc.snake with apple tattoo The snake tattoo designs look great on all parts of body. If you want to make your tattoo visible, you can get it on your arm or wrist. Another best side of getting a snake tattoo design is that you have an opportunity to choose the design which is suitable for a particular body area.

Shoulder tattoo design

As you know there are different designs that you may take, for example a snake with tongue out, for this kind of tattoo the excellent place is the shoulder. Below we have an example, as you see it is depicted in dark colors. The impressive look of the snake give the tattoo amazing look, here is also obvious the tattoo artist’s work which is great. The elements that people sometimes choose with it are skulls. It seems a little scary but if you are ready to get much attention, get this amazing tattoo design.snake tongue out tattooSnake tattoo on the leg

The snake tattoos on length of the leg is quite often chosen by girls. Thet like to combine feminine elements to the tattoo kike flowers, birds etc. Try to use your imagination for creating your personal tattoo design which will make you different from the others.snake tattoo design on leg

snake tattoo design on leg for girlsSnake tattoo designs on the thigh area

Another place that we may offer you is thigh area. You may depict the snake in a moving position to bring a visual illusion.

So as you see you have various choices, all you need is to think about the design before going for it. A skillful tattoo artist is also important because the snake tattoo designs require much detail work. The colors you may choose, according to your preferences but keep in your mind that all colors are possible. If you want something positive and light, go for bright colors, if you want to show negative sides, choose dark colors.

Look at these examples! If you really want one of them go ahead!snake tattoo designs for girls

the fuul body snake tattoo

snake tattoo

snake tattoo on rib

snake tattoo on back for males

snake tattoo design on arm

Snake tattoo for men

simple snake tattoo on arm

scary snake tattoo

flowers and snake tattoo

skull and snake tattoo design

snake and angel tattoo

cute snake tattoo on leg

creative snake tattoo for males

black snake tattoo