Sacred Geometry Tattoo Symbols

The tattoo designers try all possible methods to create unique and extravagant tattoo designs. In our list of amazing tattoo designs we can add other tattoos called sacred geometry designs. Special group of people who choose these tattoos like all kinds of shapes, figures, lines. The sacred geometry tattoos are included in the geometric tattoo groups. It will be interesting to know about these awesome tattoos.yellow sacredgeometry tattoo

The sacred geometry tattoo designs based on mathematics and forms. The floral elements are the perfect option for these tattoos. They show the whole beauty of nature and also have their own shapes and lines. These elements which are taken from nature have been the part of sacred architecture, music and other forms of art for a long time. Fibonacci sequence, tube torus, golden correlation instill the knowledge of deity. There is a famous quote by Sir D’Arcy Wentworth Thompson “The harmony of the world is made manifest in form and number, and the heart and soul and all the poetry of natural philosophy are embodied in the concept of mathematical beauty.huge sacred geometry tattoo - Copy

wonderful sacred geometry tattooThe main purpose of sacred geometry tattoos is to get complete perfection in symmetry and shapes, they are spiritual and timeless. Unless you want to have this tattoo with all its perfection, you need too find a skillful tattoo artist to get the result that you want. Doing these designs, the tattoo artist uses dot work technique. We can even say that sacred tattoo designs are done by connecting accurate placed dots.sacred geometry tattoo on shoulder

sacred geometry tattoo for females

sacred geometry tattoo with flowers

sacred geometry tattoo on arm

sacred geometry tattoo on leg

sacred geometry tattoo design

creative sacred geometry tattoo

colorful sacred geometry tattoo

blue and pink colored sacred geometry tattoo

cute sacred geometry tattooThe tattoo artists know what techniques to use for doing excellent sacred tattoo designs so, let’s leave this job to them and check out other perfect designs. Below we have signs which are known as the keepers of the Universe’s secrets and the treasures of sacred knowledge.  These symbols can be done in white, black or even colorful, different people, different preferences. But the fact is that the result is going to be great.wonderful sacred geometry tattoo

violet colored sacred geometry tattoo

trendy sacred geometry tattoo

simple sacred geometry tattoo

sacred geometry tattoofor menThe Star Tetrahedron

This symbol is believed to be spiritual energy field configuration and known as the element consciousness. The design of the star Tetrahedron is the following- pyramid and two tetrahedrons connected together. Keywords are: spirit, mind, evolution, potential, capacity. This version of tattoos also needs to be considered.Star TetrahedronThe flower of life tattoo design

The flower of live symbol consists of different Vesica Piscis figures. Have a look at the picture below and you will see the amazing flower of life tattoo design.  It has been found in countries like Italy, Israel, Turkey, Denmark, India, Bulgaria, China, Japan and Spain. If we mention your country too it means you have a great reason to choose exactly the flower of life tattoo design. It is also believed that this flower contains the Universe’s secrets.The flower of life tattoo designThe Metatron’s Cube tattoo design

This tattoo design is done with circles. Below we have an example of the Metatron’s cube tattoo design. The tattoo artist did 13 circles, one circle in the center, six surrounding it, another six around them. This tattoo contains all shapes that exist in the Universe. Metatron was a human prophet but after his death he became an archangel. He said “I will help you to be organized and motivated. Keywords are: hard work, perfectionism, target, achievement, wisdom and inspiration.The Metatron’s Cube tattoo design