Most Common Tattoo Designs

As we managed to understand the tattoo designs are very popular. Thereby it is a fact that several years ago they were not so acceptable by the society but nowadays a lot of people go for different tattoo designs. By getting various tattoo designs some people want to show their freedom and uniqueness, others want to emphasize their character features and personality with the help of the tattoo designs.heart tattoo designThere are a lot of reasons that make people have amazing tattoo designs. There are some common tattoo designs that are very popular among people. Those common tattoo designs are worn by both genders. So, keep up reading and find out which are the most beloved common tattoo designs.

Star Tattoos

The star tattoo designs express your hopes, ideals and aspiration. They show your spiritual beauty. Many people choose the star tattoo designs when they get new challenges and goals. They can also be done to celebrate new achievements. There are a lot of good meanings that are associated with stars, maybe that is why a lot of people go for the star tattoo designs. You can find a lot of star tattoo designs that you can take. The star may be depicted both as a solo and as an element for other designs. For example if you want to represent a symbolic of a moment that had a great impact on your life, as the birth of child, relationship and even a new job you may take a shooting star design.shooting star tattooNautical Star

The sailors and the people who traveled used the nautical star symbol in order to get the direction, when they did not have a compass. This tattoo shows that the tattoo wearer wants to have his or her own way.  nautical star tattooPentagram

The pentagram tattoo design represents two different kinds of meanings: balance and protection. It is also have a devil meaning and is considered to mean Satan. So, before taking this tattoo think whether you want to get something which is associated with Satan or not.pentagram tattooThe hexagram or the Star of David

This design is for those who are the followers of Judaism. It shows the link between human and god. The designs of these tattoos really look of David tattooSkull tattoo designs

Skulls we can meet quite often. They have various interesting meanings. The skull can be depicted by itself or with other elements. They are suitable for any tattoo design. They represent protection, strength, death, power, difficult conditions. As you see they have both positive and negative meanings. Before taking skull as an element for your tattoo, think about the meaning which will describe you batter.skull tattoo designsButterfly tattoo designs

Butterflies are one of the most beautiful creatures around the world their amazing colors are inspiration for many tattoo artists. The butterfly tattoos symbolize the beauty of life, new beginnings, changes etc.  The designs of the tattoo can be done depends on your preferences. They can be depicted both solo and along with other tattoo designs.butterfly tattoo designsTribal tattoo designs

The majority parts of the tattoos are done based on tribal motifs. The tribal tattoo designs symbolize a lot of thing and they have very deep meanings. Each tribal tattoo contains a unique story about tribes. People wear tribal tattoo designs to show their pride.  cool tribal tattoo design