Lotus Flower Tattoo Designs

Among tattoo designs, flowers are one of the most popular ones, especially lotus flower tattoo designs are quite eye capturing. This flower will have an amazing look nearly on all body areas no matter it is big or small. Huge back tattoos or small ones on the wrist will be very interesting and beautiful with some colors. Both dark and bright colors can be suitable for these tattoos.Black Lotus Flower Tattoo On LegSurely these lotus flower tattoo designs are awesome but except being unique in their styles, they also have a very deep meaning. In Buddhism it has an important meaning . This flower in Buddhism represents illumination, refinement and belief. This flower’s roots grow from the depths of water and in Buddhism it is a sign of light. The color of lotus flower is also one of the most significant elements in Buddhism. You can have a look at these pictures and choose the color which you like most.

 Lotus flower on water tattoo designs

In another religion called Hinduism the lotus is a symbol of birth, which is very close to the meaning in Buddhism. As the flower rises from the depth of water it represents the beginning of a new life. You can include water as a background design of the tattoo, which will give a mysterious and attractive look to it. Before getting this tattoo you can deeply think about the number of flowers or about the colors and the designs you want to have. If you wish to include blue color in your tattoo, it will perfectly match with pink, orange, red or yellow colors, so your lotus can have these colors.blue lotus tattoo in waterMatching beautiful lotus flowers

Another meaning of this flower is love. For example in Chinese culture it represents love between two people. So having this tattoo will be a nice gesture in relationship and will show your love towards your partner. You should also think about the area  exactly where you want to have this tattoo.

Open lotus flowers tattoo design

Mainly this flower is shown as the petals are open. Surely you can have a lotus tattoo which is partly closed. It depends on your preferences.open lotus flower tattooJapanese lotus flower tattoo design

Japanese lotus flower tattoo is matched with other elements like plants or different kinds of flowers or even clouds. For example Japanese dragon tattoos have incredibly attractive and awesome look with lotus flowers on it.

There are numerous meanings connected with lotus tattoos. Make your own research and choose the design which is closer to your heart.thigh lotus flower tattoo design

small lotus flower tattoo

red lotus flower tattoo

purpule lotus flower tatoo

pink Lotus tattoos

nice Lotus Flower Back Tattoos-

lotus flower tattoo on foot

lotus flower tattoo design on back

huge Lotus  Flower Tattoo

cool Lotus Flower Tattoo

fish and Lotus Flower Tattoo back

huge Lotus  Flower Tattoo

blue lotus tattoo in water

colorful Lotus Flower Tattoo