Libra Zodiac Sign Tattoo Ideas

Tattoo designs and ideas are limitless and you can choose any subject that inspires you or belong to you and make it tattoo design. This time we decided to pay attention to those who believe in astrology and were born under the sign of Libra. Sometimes people go for Libra Zodiac sign tattoo designs to show that they belong to this sign. The designs of this tattoos can be different it depends on your preferences. For example they can be depicted without anything, or another version can be hands as holding the scales. In our everyday life scales have different kinds of meanings. It is believed that scales hold the sense of balance.small scale tattooBelow we have represented you the Lady Justice with scales. As you see the Lady is holding two scales in two hands. The tattoo artist chose black color for the tattoo. It has done on the back part of body which seems the best body area exactly for this tattoo. It is said that those who was born under this sign like to be both sides of any concept. They believe that everything should be balanced and everything should be fair.Lady Justice tattoo designDecorative Scales

Decorative scales have a quite interesting appearance. With the use of right elements and color these kinds of tattoos are going to have a unique look.decorative scales tattooColorful Pair of Scales Located on a Rock

Rock in this case is an excellent background for scale tattoo design. If you look attentively you will notice something written on it you also can chose some words or phrases and add it to your tattoo design. This tattoo contains more colors and looks great.scale on rock tattooThe tribal version of the scale design

This tattoo is done more in dark shades and some red colors add a new breath to the tattoo. The scales of this tattoo are more in Goth version which also adds some mystic aura to the tattoo.tribal scale tattoo designThe Good and Bad on Each Side of the Scale

Thereby above we have mentioned that the Libra is a sense of balance and everything should be balanced. Below you can see that on the one side of the scale is angel and the devil is on another. This is excellent way to show the balance. We can include this tattoo into creative tattoo list which really cost to have.devil and angel scale tattoo design  Celestial beings Measured on the Scale

Having fairies on a scale is an excellent way to show good blessings and wishes that people get. The fire added as an element can give a stunning and amazing look to your tattoo.Celestial beings measured on the scale tattoo Patriotic Theme Scales

Here were used patriotic elements on the tattoo and those who want to show their love towards their country can choose these tattoos. The elements of the tattoo show both the harmony and conflict of these objects in our life.patriotic theme tattoo designIt is not important you believe on Zodiac signs or not you should agree that these things have a great effect on our lives. The vital thing is an ability to keep everything in balance.

Balance and harmony: scales are all about this. They hold a lot of meanings, so before getting these tattoos try to do your own  research.amazing scale tattoo

black scale tattoo on leg

blue scale tattoo

colorful scale tattoo on back

creative scale tattoo for girls

cute scale tattoo

scale tattoo for females

scale tattoo for girls

scale tattoo on arm