Glamorous Crown Tattoo Designs

People not often choose a crown as a single element for tattoo designs but when we speak about multi-element designs crowns can be a great choice for your glamorous tattoo designs. Crown tattoo designs can symbolize a lot of things based on different people’s preferences. The most known meaning is the symbol of majesty. These tattoo designs are mainly chosen by royal families. nice Crown Tattoo DesignsUndoubtedly they represent fortune, power and hegemony. It is thought that some people take these tattoos in order to reach highness that they have always desired. Another advantage of getting crown tattoo is the design possibilities. You can find a lot of types of crown tattoo designs. Masculine crown tattoo designs are different from feminine tattoo versions.Crown Tattoo Designs on neckWe know that crown is worn by the king who is the most important authority in the Kingdom. It is prepared by a lot of valuable stones which made it more precious. The crown carrier has authority over all people who live under their rule. It is also responsibility. In ancient tribes crown carrier was treated as god. In some tribes it was symbolic to wear a crown with unique jewels.These tattoos have religional meaning too, it is believed by Christians that Jesus Christ had a crown on his head during his crucified. People sometimes show the crown as gloriole representing divine. Those who chose crown tattoo for this reason, add a cross to the tattoo to make the meaning clearer. Some even choose these tattoo designs to show their own conquest and struggle.feminine Crown Tattoo Designs

masculine  Crown Tattoo DesignsAnother very interesting design is shown in the form of sun sign Leo.  Leo is associated with the lion which is known as the king of animals and the tattoo can be depicted as a lion with crown. People who born under this sing can get these tattoos by using this meaning. There are some people who prefer crown tattoo designs just for their unique appearance.Crown Tattoo Designs on fingerUndoubtedly the crown tattoo design may be combined with diamonds or other kind of valuable stones. Some even choose flowers or leaves with it. For example Roman crowns were made from flowers or leaves and this fact may also be associated with your tattoo. The other element that can be added to the tattoo is skull. Remember that each detail added to your tattoo can be a strong message to the ink. Size of the crown is another quite important option. You can have smaller sized crown tattoos without any elements while big sized crowns can be combained with different colors or details. black Crown Tattoo Designs


beautiful Crown Tattoo Designs

black crown tattoo on back

colorful crown tattoo

crown tattoo on ankle

crown tattoo on arm

crown tattoo on back

crown tattoo on foot

Crown Tattoo on shoulder

crown tattoo with rose

large crown tattoo

lion crown tattoo

simple crown tattoo on back

skull crown tattoo