Gemini Tattoo Ideas

Gemini star sign tattoo designs are chosen by those who were born between the 21st of May and 21st of June. These tattoo designs are very inspirational and wearing them you clearly show the world your personality. So, if this is your sign you may go for Gemini tattoo ideas, because they seem very creative and cool.floral gemini on neck The Gemini tattoos tell the world that you are a creative and crazy person. These qualities are part of your personality. People who belong to this star sign are very energetic and mysterious. Here we have amazing Gemini tattoo ideas that can be a source of inspiration for those who want to have these kinds of tattoos.

Twins black and white tattoo

Twins black and white tattoo designs are art works created by the tattoo artist. Impressive black and tender white colors on the tattoo look great and when someone looks at them for a long time, they seem a piece of art from a mystic world.  creaative gemini tattooGemini sisters tattoo

The Gemini sister tattoos are very feminine. On your skin the Gemini tattoo designs will look too real and alive.  You may choose the size of the tattoo before going for it. Once you have decided the location of the tattoo make sure that you  know what size you need.gemini tattooGemini fish twin tattoo

It seems human imagination is limitless and each time creating new designs, the tattoo artists bring joy to all tattoo lovers. Gemini fish tattoos look very creative. The fish as an element also carries very important meaning, so probably the tattoo wearer associated fish with some important meanings and that’s why he or she adds fish to the gemini tattoo tattoGemini retro tattoo designs

Everything from past look very mysterious but unique in their styles and the Gemini retro tattoo designs are not exception too. If you like retro ideas, undoubtedly Gemini retro tattoo designs are for you.white and black jemini tattooGothic Script Gemini tattoo designs

Nowadays tattoos done in Gothic style are very popular among young people. For example here you may pay attention to the colors, size and fonts. Ink will create a new statement about you.word gemini tattoo on ribCool Gemini stars and twins tattoo

These tattoos represent new life and bright sides of life. If you want to show the world that your life is beautiful with all its ups and downs, you should choose Gemini and twins tattoo designs. Shining stars may introduce a new breath into your life so, if you like this idea just go ahead.Twins black and white tattooGemini Angels and Devil Twins Tattoo

There is nothing better than showing a tattoo which will represent both bad and good sides of life. The Gemini Angels and Devil tattoo designs exactly express that meaning. Quite often we may see in films Devil and angel sitting on the right and left side on the shoulder and always characters should choose to follow an angel or the devil. These tattoo designs  show the balance of two forces in our life.devil and angel gemini tattoo

Gemini devil and angel tattooGemini Sign Floral Tattoo Designs

Girls choose floral elements very often because they are very tender and feminine. If you are also fan of floral elements, believe us that Gemini star sign works well with flowers. They represent love, emotions, feelings, passion etc. The most suitable places for these tattoos are neck, wrist and ankles.   gemini tattoo ankle

star gemini tattoo

small gemini tattoo

nice gemini tattoo

simple gemini on neck

skull tattoo design

small gemini tattoo for girls

small gemini tattoo on wrist

moon gemini tattoo design

impressive gemini tattoo

gemini tattoo with wings

gemini tattoo with stars

gemini tattoo on foot

gemini tattoo on back

gemini tattoo deign on wrist

gemini tattoo designs with face

gemini tattoo ideas

gemini tattoo on back for men

cute gemini tattoo

amazing gemini tattoo

cute gemini tattoo with sun moon star