Fabulous Mexican Tattoo Designs

Very interesting tattoo designs are represented by Mexican culture. These tattoos are very popular among people and we want to show you some interesting examples of Mexican tattoo designs which can inspire you to find your own beloved design among Mexican tattoos.sexy mexican tattoo Yow will also be informed about interesting meanings of Mexican tattoo designs. Mexican tattoos are debris and bold. The main inspirational points for creating these amazing and unique tattoo designs are   Aztec religion, history and underworld. For Mexican tattoo designs death, smoke and skulls play very important role.

Aztec and Mexican tattoos are famous for their black and grey shadings.  They connect a lot of snakes and smoke. Like a lot of other tattoos Mexican tattoo designs have been adopted by gangs and prisoners as a status tattoos.

They meant to show your status and crime to other prisoners. But they lost their meanings and symbolism among a lot of other tattoo designs. If the prisoner has a desire to get one of these tattoos he should first search for the meaning to be sure that he chose a right tattoo design with a right meaning otherwise later  he will have to pay the price.simple skulls mexican tattooMan having a skull tattoo on a hand symbolizes that the tattoo wearer is the murderer. A tattoo wearer should prove that he deserve to wear that tattoo.

Sugar skull tattoos have been popular for a long time. The most common sugar skull tattoo is a beautiful woman wearing makeup. Sugar skull bikers are also very popular. These kinds of tattoos are often taken by “brothers” when one of the bikers has died.mexican skull tattoo designSugar Skulls

Sugar skulls are came from one of the most known American’s largest economic resources the sugar plantation when the native habitants were forced into slavery and they were the first ones who created sugar skulls. So we can say that these tattoo designs were not based on Mexican culture. These skulls were used for black magic and after this the cultural sugar tattoo designs appeared in Mexican tattoo art. Mexicans took these tattoos and for many years they have represented as their own. Nowadays even these tattoos are used to celebrate Dia de los Muertos celebration and they are the symbol of life and death.neck mexican tattoo

skull and flowers mexican tattoo design ideasOther interesting versions of Mexican tattoos

Mexican tattoo designs are also connected with religion. Quite often we can see tattoo designs on which Virgin Mary is depicted with crossed hands.

Mexico is full of gangs and the area codes are a great thing in Mexico tattoo culture. Often you can be separated from others because of the place that you belong. So we can say that before doing your Mexico tattoo you should tell the tattoo artist the place where you were born. Your area can also be a mark of pride.

“My crazy life” or “ Tres Puntos” phrase associated with Mexican tattoo designs It is also translated in Spain and sounds like “Mi Vida Loca”. Gangs and prisoners take “Smile now, cry later” tattoos quite often. In order to indicate the meaning Mexican tattoos use dots. Different numbers of dots have different meanings and can be the codes to other gang members or prisoners.

The dominant colors of Mexican tattoo designs are orange and red and they create a marvelous tattoo artwork. Sun also can be used as an element for these tattoos and it is symbolizes belief in the afterlife.

Here we have different kinds of examples of amazing Mexican tattoo designs.scary mexican tattoo

small mexican tattoo on ear

cue mexican tattoo

mexican tattoo with heart

mexican tattoos girl on arm

Mexican Tattoos with sun

mexican tattoo for girls

mexican tattoo on face

mexican tattoo on finger

mexican skull tattoo with wings

mexican skull tattoo

mexican skulls tattoos design


girl skull mexican tattoo

creative mexican tattoo

creative mexican tattoo on leg

colorful mexican tattoo

beautiful skul and flowers mexican tattoo

mexican skull for girls

mexican sugar skull tattoo on arm

mexican tattoo on leg