Dragon Tattoo Designs

Dragons are the symbols of good luck, health, strength and harmony. Men are the biggest fans of Dragon tattoos. The best thing is that they can be depicted in various styles and colors, which makes each tattoo unique and special.

dragon tattoo ideas

There are lots of legends and mythologies connected with the dragons. Some of them are found in both Eastern and Western cultures. In some of them, dragons are supposed to be clever creatures. In Europe, hey were often depicted as hoarding jewels or breathing fire against a foe in battle. In modern myth, dragons can also be found as part of fantasy stories.Actually, dragons are intricately woven into Asian culture. The meaning of each image varies, depending on the elements that are incorporated into the design. It is a Water animal and usually symbolizes the Sub-conscious and Mediation, as well as being a symbol of Masculinity, Strength, Power, and the primal forces of Nature and the Universe.
How to Pick Your Dragon
Dragons offer up so many possibilities for choosing the design. However, here are some things to think about before you go talk to your tattoo artist about designing your dragon:
Where do you want this dragon? – Having an idea for where the tattoo will go can often start to influence the size and scale of the tattoo design.
What is the attitude of your dragon? – Thinking about what sort of emotion your dragon has or how it is acting can help you choose the right colors. For example, an aggressive, attacking dragon is going to look different than a dragon that is protective or one that represents a specific energy.
What says “dragon” to you? – For some people, the dragon’s head is the main focus and they don’t need to show the entire body. Others might want the tattoo to be wrapping around a limb. Some might need the dragon to be breathing fire, or flying, or chasing the pearl of wisdom.
About Dragon Tattoos
• Whether perceived as creatures of air, fire, land or water, dragons are popular across all styles of tattoo designs.
• The dragon is a ‘classic’ tattoo motif, popular with men and women, and shows the profound influence of Japanese and Chinese culture in Western tattooing.

Dragon Tattoo Design Variations

Gothic Dragon Tattoos

Gothic Dragon tattoos epitomize Power, Strength, and mankind’s primal instincts. In these tattoo designs, the Dragon often has a defiant stance, as if he’s ready to take on those who challenge his authority. Normally, people who wear this design are strong and fearless.

gothic dragon tattoo idea

gothic dragon tattoo

Tribal Dragon Tattoos

Tribal tattoos have spiritual significance and represent the strong ties of people with the region from which the design originates. When combined with the image of a dragon, this sends a powerful message that the wearer has a deep connection with Nature and a particular culture.

tribal dragon design

tribal dragon tattoo

Dragon and Snake Tattoos

Most images of dragons and snakes show them as mortal enemies. There are several differences between the two; snakes are associated with Healing and the God of Medicine, Asclepius, while dragons are driven by the primal forces of Nature and the natural elements. In a sense, Dragon and Snake tattoos symbolize the conflict between Science and Superstition, and the Modern versus the Traditional.

dragon and snake tattoo design

dragon-snake tattoo

Dragon Skull Tattoos

A skull represents mankind’s mortality and his history or past lives. In a sense, a Dragon Skull tattoo symbolizes that the wearer has conquered a past difficulty, whether it’s the death of a loved one or a destructive habit, like addiction. A dragon is considered to be a symbol of Creation, so this tattoo design focuses on the balance of Creation versus Destruction, Birth versus Death.

dragon tattoo idea

Flaming Dragon Tattoos

Fire is a symbol of Creation and Destruction, and in numerous folk legends, dragons have the ability to do both. In these tattoo designs they represent Passion, Sexual Desire, and Power. However, in Asian cultures, a dragon is a Water creature. In this case, a tattoo with both can also represent the balance between raw emotions and mental tranquility.

colorful flaming dragon tattoo