David Beckham Tattoo Designs

The tattoo designs among celebrities are very popular and they inspire ordinary people to have a tattoo design. Nowadays we can say nearly all celebrities have tattoo designs without any gender exceptions. The tattoos are part of fashion and very interesting element which help celebrities complete their looks. It is an excellent way to know celebrities better because we know that some tattoos are based on life events and they describe personality and character features.wonderful David Beckham Tattoos DesignsOne of the most famous and beloved celebrities is David Beckham. He is an icon for many people around the world. People like his styles and always follow him. As he is so popular we decided to represent you David Beckham’s tattoo designs. Louis Malloy is very famous tattoo artist who do nearly all his tattoos.  A lot of celebrities’ tattoos have been done by him, which means he is a master in his job. David Beckham has a lot of tattoos on his body and each of the tattoos has a unique meaning. Now let’s see which tattoos of David Beckham you will like.

The chest and back tattoo designs of David Beckham

He got a tattoo on the upper portion of his body. The tattoos on chest and back area include:

Brooklyn: the name of his first child.

Rome: the name of his second child.

Cruz: the name of his third son.

Winged cross: he wore the tattoo on his back and it was done during 2004 UEFA Championships.

The Guardian angel: the tattoo is big enough with big wings.Harper David Beckham Tattoos Designs

meaningful David Beckham Tattoos Designs

interesting David Beckham Tattoos Designs

Jesus David Beckham Tattoos DesignsChinese character

This one was depicted in March 2008 on his forearm. On the tattoo you can see the characters which symbolize “Death and Life” This tattoo design was done in Hong Kong and has a very interesting meaning like “Riches and honors depends upon heaven”

Jesus on the cross

This tattoo design was done in January 2010 and seems it was inspired with the painting “The Man of Sorrows”.

 Jesus and cherubs

Jesus and cherubs tattoo design was done in 2011 this one was depicted by another famous tattoo artist from Los Angeles called Mark Mahoney.


Undoubtedly David could never forget her new born child Harper. The name of a girl was tattooed above his heart.

The tattoos on the arm and forearm

Here is coming next part of his interesting tattoo designs. On his right arm it is possible to see a lot of tattoos which are connected with his career. He has also inspiring Latin word tattoos. If you look at his upper part of arm, you will see a cute angel which has a big size.

In April 2007 the tattoo artist Malloy completed his sleeve tattoo. A lot of other elements were included, for example angels, flames and also a phrase “Let them hate as long as they fear”.

The colors of David Beckham’s tattoos are done in black and white.hand David Beckham Tattoos Designs

David Beckham

David Beckham Tattoos Designs on back of neck

David Beckham Tattoos Designs on arm

David Beckham cool Tattoos Designs

angels David Beckham Tattoos Designs

back David Beckham Tattoos Designs

cross David Beckham Tattoos DesignsSurely we will wait his new tattoo designs and represent you because we know that his tattoo designs can be inspiration for you.