Creative Hand Tattoos for Men and Women

Compared to the past, the hand tattoos were only seen on gang members, prisoners and native tribe people. While nowadays, hand tattoos are becoming more and more common for males and females. And if you’re considering joining this trend, here are some great ideas for you as well as some important things to consider before getting your hand tattooed.

hand tattoo idea

Important Tips

As a hand tattoo is a serious commitment, you really need to think more when it comes to your hands. There are some important things to consider before rushing out and getting one.

• Try to deal with a very professional tattoo artist, who has done hand tattoos in proper way. A number of artists simply refuse to ink hands or feet because sometimes the ink just doesn’t hold up and they don’t want their name associated with a bad tattoo.
• Think a lot about your future tattoo, which is going to say about you. So if your work in a conservative and professional office, try a small tattoo, which can easily be hidden and won’t grab much attention.
• Keep in mind, that most of the hand tattoos are misunderstood with gang and prison world. So be careful you are not choosing a design that shows association to an organization that you wouldn’t want to be affiliated with or that some people might be offended by. For example, escape from doing five dots on your hand, as it signifies that you have served time in prison, which can have its negative effects on your life.

Now onto the fun stuff, let’s look at some awesome hand tattoo designs!

Full Hand Tattoo Designs
The full hand tattoo should capture the attention of the biggest ink lovers. As the riskiest thing is that your hands are always in motion, so it will be difficult to hide and make them unnoticeable in formal occasions. Picking the right design and a skilled artist are imperative for a hand tattoo because this ink will be seen all the time and may become your calling card, so make it memorable and awesome.

full hand tattoo design

mystic hand tattoo

Small, Simple and Sweet Hand Tattoos
Sometimes size does matter, and in the case of hand tattoos, smaller can be better. A letter or a symbol can hold a huge meaning and will look neat and cute. If you’re opting for color, be prepared for some fading during the times. Our hands get a lot of sun, so unless you plan on wearing sunscreen every day, consider going with a simple, single color design that will fade well, like black, blue or green.

crown hand tattoos

small ship tattoo on handInner Palm Tattoos
This area is very painful to have tattooed, and the healing process can be very intense. Be prepared to not use that hand for at least a week if not more. And mind that tattoos don’t always hold up very well here and might end up looking patchy and require multiple touch ups.

inner palm tattoo idea

Geometric tattoo on inner palm

Geometric tattoo on inner palm

Finger Tattoos
Finger tattoos have become all the rage, especially words or mustaches on the inside of the index finger. Though they look cool, expect serious fading and blurred lines. The thin skin on the inside of your fingers will not hold up to tattooing very well. It’s super painful, and after all that pain, the ink fades and you will need to do a touch up. So beware!

Matching finger tattoos

Matching finger tattoos

finger small tattoos

Knuckle Tattoos

Although you can get some pretty work done on your knuckles, but the fading and bleeding line issue is inevitable. Small detailed tattoos rarely stand the test of time. What looks cool initially may fade into a blurry mess. So again keep it simple. If you are going for letters, keep the script straight forward and use thin lines.

knuckle tattoo idea

creative knuckle tattoo for men

Creative knuckle tattoo for men