Awesome Moon Tattoo Designs

Moon tattoo designs are very fascinating and the moon is a cool element for other tattoo designs too. Both men and women like these tattoo designs not only because of their unique style but also because of the deep meaning hidden behind the design. The elements that can be included with it are: sky, sun, star and even sometimes even possible to see fairies added to it. The fantasy elements make your tattoo design more unrealistic like a cartoon but still they have a stunning look.cute moon tattoo on wristMoon itself represents fragility and femininity, that is why, it is particularly excellent for females of course this does not mean that males cannot for moon tattoo designs. A lot of stories were woven about the moon and it was associated with the women’s beauty. In astrology moon is not more than the natural satellite of Earth but in legends it has its special place. First of all it is linked with motherhood which has an impact both on western and eastern culture. Another interesting fact about the moon is that it is associated with people’s emotions and feelings. Some people believe that moon appeared when planets crashed with each other many years ago.

As a tattoo design moon can be depicted in different ways. You are free to choose your favorite size, color and location. There are even very creative versions of the moon which is depicted along with the sun. The colors of the design can be different, for example some people like to choose blue color, while others prefer black looking moon.moon tattoo on backThe moon was also associated with animals like bats, cats, crabs jaguars, coyotes and other night creatures. These creatures of night may be an excellent choice for a moon tattoo design. This idea originally comes from Native American tribes. The most used animal is a wolf which is connected with night. Each of us, probably one time in life has heard wolves’ howl under the moon. This is a great image for any tattoo design.   wolf tattoo design on armSome other elements of fantasy like beauty emotions moods or other powerful elements which represent calm, balance, motherhood, serenity along with the tattoo will have an excellent look.sun and moon on leg for girls

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It is said that moon is associated with divinity because it is closer to the sky. The couples quite often choose moon and sun together where the sun is a symbol of strength and masculinity, while the moon is a symbol of tenderness and darkness. If you have a boyfriend and you both decided to get a tattoo design you may choose this one which will symbolize your love and connection with each other.mazing moon tattoo designscreative tattoo designsHave a look at other examples that we have selected here. Try not to forget that elements are very important part of your tattoo and you should think about proper elements. The moon itself looks great but if you want to add something creative and unique simply do your own search to find out which elements can be suitable for it.colorful moon tattoo designs

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