Awesome Graveyard and Cemetery Tattoo Ideas

May be you will think that this is a strange theme for tattoo design but believe us nowadays a lot of people go for graveyard and cemetery tattoo designs. It may seem scary but some people like to have advantageous tattoos. If you are fan of mystic world, believe us you are going to like our article because we are going to speak about awesome graveyard and cemetery tattoo designs. These tattoo designs belong to those kinds of mystic themes.amazing graveyard tattooIt is said that graveyard tattoos come from past and compared cemetery tattoo designs are older. Cemetery is more in line with modern times. Graveyards are more in Gothic style and we can see that followers of Gothic style probably will like to have one of these tattoos. So, let’s have a look at some interesting graveyard and cemetery tattoo suggestions.

Pet Cemetery Tattoo Designs

These kinds of tattoo designs are mainly inspired by scary films; otherwise the tattoo lovers may take their favorite pet and make cemetery tattoo design by giving a scary look to it. The other thing that gives the tattoo a cemetery scary look is colors. Right chosen combination of colors may completely change the look of the tattoo.scary cat cemetry tattoo Small girl gazing at a Graveyard tattoo

We all can agree that children on that kind of that kind of tattoos look very scary, particularly when that tattoo artist adds moody expressions. For example the tattoo that we represented bellow has a very deep meaning. A girl, who lost someone close to her, is looking to the grave. Face expression and her clothes add an impressive look to the tattoo. It seems sad but at the same time very creative tattoo.girl gazing at grave tattooGate of Cemetery tattoo

The tattoo has been done on arm and the whole tattoo design is in black color. The elements chosen for the tattoo are perfectly matched with each other; it seems the tattoo artist thought about the designs for a long time. The skulls and illusion of wind complete the look of the tattoo.Cemetery Gate tattoo designsScary Pet Cemetery tattoo

These horror tattoo designs are done based on different kinds of fictions and stories. According to the story, a cat after being buried reborn and came back in scary forms. It seems excellent theme for any Cemetery tattoo design. If you use your imagination, you may get even better picture of horror pet.

Lady holding child

Here we see that mother lost her child and by holding a grave she seems want to protect her child from devil forces. The tattoo is completely in dark colors, although with this story it is not possible to imagine any bright color.lady holding a child cemeteryAll graveyard and cemetery tattoo designs hold some interesting story. Even if you do not know what story is linked with that tattoo, you may simply look at it for several minutes and make sure in your mind you will create your own story. These tattoo designs contain a lot of emotions which describe a human being.

These tattoos show the path between death and life. So, if you are ready to have something mystic on your body definitely you should go for these tattoo designs.    devil angel graveyard tattoo

cemetery tattoo on hand

unique graveyard tattoo

graveyard tattoo

impressive graveyard tattoo

scary cemetery tattoo - Copy

graveyard tattoo design

graveyard impressive  tattoo


creative cemetery tattoo

cool graveyard tattoo


cemetery tattoo on rib

cool cemetery tattoo design

bats graveyard tattoo