Asian Tattoo Ideas

Asian tattoos are making a specific style that is quite different from other simple styles. These tattoos generally contain Asian cultural elements and offer complicated designs. They cover deep meanings and have an interesting way of expression. This art is popular not only among Asian people but also in European tattoo art and in western cultures. The Chinese and Japanese cultures are mainly inspired by a variety of fascinating tattoo designs that can be seen in today’s article. These tattoos are spread all over the globe and many people prefer just these styles. Since Asian culture goes back to the ancient times it can offer many themes and symbols for tattooing. We’ll try to represent the most inspiring Asian tattoos that will surely appeal to you.

Cherry Blossom Tattooscherry blossom tattooWhat do these tattoos mean? A cherry tree or cherry blossoms is a very popular tree in Asia. It grows particularly in China and Japan, that’s why it is mostly seen in Chinese and Japanese tattoo designs. These tattoos can be worn either alone or with several cultural symbols. It can be worn on any part of the body and mostly is chosen by women who tend to get it on their ribs.Dragon Tattoosdragon tattooUnlike other cultures dragon is a positive character in Chinese and Japanese cultures. It is believed that dragons help people and always protect them. That’s why many people wear dragon tattoos. It is worn on backs, chests especially in larger sizes.

Koi Fish TattoosKoi Fish TattoosThese tattoos are worn both by men and women. Koi is the main character in Japanese in folklore and mythology. Koi fish are met in orange, white, gray, gold, and yellow colors. It symbolizes determination, strength, courage, and all good attributes. It is worn on arms by men on can be worn on legs by women.

Lotus Tattoo DesignsLotus TattooLotus is another symbolic plant in Asian culture. Since it grows in muddy waters and still appears on the surface of the water as clean as possible it represents purity and rebirth. Lotus tattoo designs are various and they are loved especially by women. You can get it on your neck, stomach, shoulder, and hand in different color combinations.

Geisha Tattoo DesignsGeisha TattooGeisha tattoos have the image of a geisha in them. They are usually beautiful women that are very intelligent and can satisfy the desires of men. They can be tattooed combined an umbrella, flowers and delicate ornaments. These designs are mostly in larger sizes, so can be worn on backs.

 Orchid Tattoo DesignsOrchid TattooPretty orchid flower symbolizes love, beauty and innocence. It is a significant flower in Chinese culture and also represents royalty and wealth. These tattoo designs usually include lotuses, lilies and of course orchids. They can be worn by women on backs, shoulders or on ribs. The colors are often subtle and very beautiful.

So, these are the main Asian tattoos that are widely spread in different continents. If you love their style you can choose one of these examples for you next tattoo.