30 Caduceus Tattoos

Caduceus is a Greek symbol and its meaning is connected with medicine, but originally it is the crook held by a famous Hermes. The crook on the caduceus tattoo sometimes has wings although it is not so obligatory. Snakes are the essential part of the tattoo. This symbol has been known since the 5th century BC and yet it is one of the most famous and beautiful tattoos. As caduceus symbol associated with Mercury and Hermes, it is thought to symbolize trade, negotiation and fairness.

However the real symbol of medicine is the rod of Asclepius, many people keep thinking that the caduceus represents the symbol of medicine.  The original medicine symbol has only one snake on it. Some known tales show the caduceus as a sign of peace.  It is claimed that Hermes brought peace and calmness to two fighting snakes and after these it was associated with peace. medical caduceus tattooAccording to another Greek legend, Hermes had stolen Apollo’s cattle and after being owned up, Hermes gave him a lyre prepared from the shell of tortoise in penalty.

It is supposed that Apollo gifted Hermes the caduceus for being honest with him. We can also meet other myths about caduceus.

Tattoo ideas based on the caduceus

There are variety ways to show the caduceus tattoo. Some crooks have two snakes in both sides completed with wings. Some people choose a caduceus tattoo to indicate its medical value. Tattoo artists sometimes try to denote their creative approach towards caduceus tattoos. The parts of tattoos are presented with serpents wrapped around the crook, while others have dragons, daggers or other symbols of Celtic art. It is possible to use other details, for example, hearts, clocks etc. Some people prefer to use a scale as a sign of balance.

caduceus tattoos with wings

The caduceus tattoos really give tattoo artists a big opportunity to use their imagination and get incredibly unique tattoos by mixing variety of colors and elements. The caduceus tattoos have essential meanings. Some contain very personal and special ideas that may give us some information about the tattoo wearer. Here we have several common meanings of the caduceus tattoos.






Variationbutterfly caduceus tattooInteresting things to remember

A lot of legends were composed about the story of caduceus tattoo. It has a wonderful and stunning look, but when you decide to choose caduceus tattoo you should pay attention only to your desires and the reasons of choosing this tattoo. In this case you should not think about others’opinions. First of all make sure exactly what tattoo you want and why. You need also to be clear about the place of tattoo that you are going to have.  Sizes and colors can be chosen before doing it. Only in this way you will be satisfied by your tattoo. You can make your research and

find the best one which is closer to your heart. If you are informed about caduceus tattoos you can easily find the one which is yours.

Look at these examples of caduceus tattoos and choose one that you prefer more.caduceus tattoos

creative  caduceus tattoo