25 Interesting Bible Themed Tattoos

The most important thing for Christians is their holy Bible. It is clear that people, who follow this faith and want to get interesting Bible themed tattoos, will defiantly have the Bible images or other kinds of images about it. Here we have some wonderful examples of tattoos for you, which contain the Bible verses or stunning images. While looking at the pictures bellow, we can see tattoos with the symbol of God or verses that may suit you a lot and may be added into the list of your favorite tattoos. You can take one from our suggestions or create your own using the Bible verses.

Genesis the Bible tattoo: It will probably be a good idea to get started with this theme. It is a bible tattoo that contains some beginning words of the book: Genesis. Those people who believe in Bible and live by it, this verse is very essential and original.

Genesis the Bible tattooThe Bible tattoo with Ten Orders: It is proved that any pious Christian knows Ten Commandments and in some ways keeps them. If you planned to have a bible tattoo this one will be a good idea. On this picture commandments are written on a sheet of paper and they are going to be quite visible.The Bible tattoo with Ten commandmentsThe Bible theme psalms: This very simple but at the same time elegant tattoo has a pretty look. Here was chosen different font which added to the tattoo an ancient style and it is going to carry the weight of the meaningful words used thereThe Bible theme psalmsThe Tattoo Jesus on it: Undoubtedly image of Jesus is the most crucial symbol of Christianity and people like Jesus Christ and because of that they choose his image as a tattoo. But it is important to remember that on this type of tattoo you should not use a lot of details so that you will not cover the whole beauty of it.bible temed tattoo with JesusThe David and Goliath Tattoo: This tattoo is very eye-catching and when you stare at this tattoo it seems it is very real and you think that the characters of the tattoo are going to walk off it and speak with you. Effective design of the tattoo takes your attention and keeps you thinking about it. A little blood coming out of Goliath after David beheads, gives a charm and an impressive look to the tattoo.The David and Goliath TattooTattoo from Book of Daniel: This tattoo can be perfectly matched with the interesting pictures of the stars and the things that are considered to be the part of the verses.

Famous verses of the Bible from the Book of Jeremiah. It is though that this verse one of the most used and quoted verse by Christians around the world. It seems this verse brings you hope and desire to live when you are in despair. Some people choose exactly this one to be hopeful every time.

So there are numerous choices. You can take any verse that inspires you and gives hope for a better life. The Bible book itself also can be depicted by adding several interesting elements.simple bible themed tattoo


bible themed tattoo with verses

bible themed tattoo with eagle

bible themed tattoo with flower