10 Dark and Real Prison Tattoo Designs

Tattoos are considered to be originated from the prisons and jails. In the past the prisoners used to make different styles of tattoos for showing their status and other significant things. So before doing strange and large tattoos, discuss the meanings with the tattoo artist, and make sure you don’t make the symbols, which can refer to the life of prisoners.

tattoo idea for prisoners

Memberships in most gangs are connected with tattooing and they have their special meaning to the members of the gang. This is a way of identifying a member of the gang and offering him protection in case it is needed. So, the type of tattoo that one gets will depend on his status or position in the gang. In case they feel that he does not deserve it, there have been instances of the tattoo being removed by using violent and painful means. So you really need to watch out for those gang or prison type tattoos.
Mexican mafia: This gang is identified by their use of the colors gray and blue. They also love distinct tattoos and the number thirteen, which is done in Roman, Arabic or Aztec numerals. Another tattoo that denotes them is the three dot tattoo mostly on the face. It shows the person is of a higher rank and may indicate a prison sentence.
The Nortenos are the members of the north and rule over California. They are identified with their tattoos that have the number fourteen. They also use many style of numerals.

Mexican mafia tattoos

Teardrop tattoo: The face is the riskiest part of the body to apply tattoos. It is almost impossible to hide, so think more. And it is an indication of having been to prison as face tattoos are very popular there. The tattoo design featuring a teardrop would mean many things but in terms of gangs and criminals it is symbol of a killer. So you had better avoid this dangerous style.

Teardrop tattoo symbolizing prisoners

Teardrop tattoo symbolizing prisoners

The Aryan Brotherhood: This is a close group of Caucasian men, who may or may not have been in jail. Having an AB tattoo will make you a target of ethnic gangs as this indicates that you belong to the Aryan Brotherhood. The brotherhood may also take offense at a non-member getting this tattoo. Thus, avoid the number 666 or the swastika.

Aryan Brotherhood prison tattoo

Tattoos of black gangs: The most common elements include tattoos of weapons, chains, locks, keys, wild animals, numbers, initials of a gang, phone codes and sing language symbols.

black gang tattoo

The Black Guerrilla Family and other assorted gangs: Never try to include the following numerals in your tattoo designs: the number 276, the characters XV3, 18th street, XVIII or Dieciocho. Otherwise, you will end up in trouble with the law, as they will mistake you for a gang member and treat you in another way.

Guerrilla Family tattoo

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real prison tattoo design

Real prison tattoo design

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