New Women Tattoo Designs

You are a unique woman and want to wear a fantastic tattoo? We will help you to find the most original tattoo designs that are both pretty and feminine. You can see incredible and delicate tattoo designs that are created special for women. If you need cooler options we can offer the best feminine designs of tribal and Celtic styles that look so fascinating.

10 Stunning Dandelion Tattoo Designs for Girls

The dandelion tattoo is very popular among men and women. In comparison with lotus and other flowers, the dandelion is considered to be an ordinary tattoo design. Sometimes they are done with little colors, as the black one is the original and most common shade. And the dandelion can be tattooed almost anywhere on the body, although they’re mostly seen on the shoulder.

dandelion tattoo art

As regards the meaning of the dandelions, they have been symbolic to a variety of cultures over the years and has been popular in folklore and legends. The dandelion tattoo can remind us to enjoy every moment that we are blessed to have as we are given the chance to make the most of it.

Cool Lotus Flower Tattoo Designs

Flowers are a decorative part of tattoo designs and Lotus flower is the most popular and meaningful one among them. Its symbolism comes from its relationship with the elements of water and fire. As it grows in the water, the lotus has become a natural tribute to water-affiliated concepts like: Dreams, Emotion, Intuition, Awareness, Purification. Both small and large lotus tattoos are always good-looking and add some original and nice additions to any body art. The colors are different, from simple back to bright colors and are based on your personal taste.

lotus design tattoo

As regards the spiritual meaning, it is the symbol in Buddhism, which reflect faith, purification and light. In nature lotus grows in the mud and becomes noticeable from the water surface when it blossoms, thus representing the Buddhist’s level of enlightenment. 

Cool Foot and Flip Flop Tattoo Ideas

Whether foot tattoos are erased soon or not, that has been the great question of the recent years. Some owners claim that it doesn’t matter where the tattoo is applied, it lasts for the entire life, while others say that shoes and socks benefit to the early process of fading. But the real thing is that how you take care of them.

Feet colorfulTattoo

Anyway, the aging process of the tattoos is connected with skin types, as the feet skin has thicker layer, which speaks of the thing, that it can stay for long years. Another conditions are the quality of the ink, the importance of less sun light and it can survive with regular moisturizing procedures.

Amazing Butterfly Tattoos for Girls

In the past, tattoo lovers were mainly men, who did almost all types of tats in order to get the attention of the opposite sex. Meanwhile, the number of women tattoo doers has grown dramatically. Unfortunately, females are not always right with choosing tattoo styles, and sometimes we can witness a girl wearing a very rude and manly tattoo, which instead of decorating the body, makes it nasty and undesirable. However, among the sensible examples for any girl are the butterfly tattoo designs, which look fine on women of any age.

butterflies on arm

As a matter of fact, the butterfly symbolizes beauty, peace, love, freedom etc.. Moreover, it describes some changes and transformation, something new and fresh. The best example are the college girls, who do such tattoo when they finish the college or graduate from the University etc. Or the imprisoned people have butterflies tattoos as a freedom sign , when they come out of the prison. 

The Tiny Tattoos Noticed On The 2015 Runway Shows

The catwalk shows- the most expected events for fashion designers, which include the creativity and fantasy of the dressmakers. Moreover, their ideas soon become a great motivation for fashionisers. As a matter of fact, thinking about the fashion shows, most of us imagine the clothing and the accessorizes that are important parts of any show. While, there are other details that had been prepared for the crowd, but not everybody notices them. One of those details are tattoos, which have been spotted especially on the arms and legs of the models. Thereby, like other people, who prefer to have some names or phrases on their bodies, models also enjoy wearing different types of tattoos, which remind them of a special event, a person etc.. And in this way they catch the opportunity to show off their tattoos during the catwalk shows.

tattoo on leg

Thus, the audience is always attentive for noticing the clothing or the shoe details, while the tattoos are rarely spotted. According to the theme of the show, there are some tattoos which don’t match with the outlook. In this case the designers prefer to hide the tattoos with some fashionable prints or control them aesthetically. And in order to avoid such situations, many models try not to have large and very noticeable tattoos, as it can even put an end to their career path. According to the fashion news, designers add some new additions to the outfits of the models and get inspired of the latest and even the oldest fashion trends.

As we mentioned above, the runway shows have been abundant with some elements of tattoo trends 2015, which are noted on some models in the following shows. Here are the teeny tattoos we spotted from catwalks worldwide.

Small Tattoo Designs for Girls

Small tattoos are the most convenient ones for those, who don’t like being in the center of attention or get tired of seeing the same tattoo during the whole life. Moreover, there comes a time in life, that the phrase or picture is annoying you or reminds you of an unhappy period of life etc.. Thus, we have gathered the coolest and the prettiest small tattoo ideas for you! Enjoy!!!!!

girly tattoo

note tattoo

small-girl-tattoos 2015#Flowers, Bows and Butterflies 

Floral tattoos and bows are favorite among girls. Flowers can symbolize love towards nature, love, wealth, luck etc. One of the most common tattoos among girls are the tiny ones done behind the ear and on the wrist, which express childish and girlish. Butterfly tattoos always look good on women at any age. Hereby are some examples:

The Best Celebrity Inspirational Tattoos

The word tattoo come from the Polynesian word tatau, meaning “correct”. Tattoos, are done mostly on any part of our bodies, and include some meanings. Nowadays, the number of tattoo lovers grows and grows up. We can be the witnesses of the most incredible and even funniest tattoos. First of all, people examine the picture or the phrase that are going to wear on their bodies, as they are going to remain almost during the whole life. Moreover, celebrities are the most common tattoo lovers of all times. According to their short marriages, anyway they dare to have the names of their spouses and do other risky steps. Thus, we have singled out some celebrities tattoo, which can even be a motivation and a good idea for implementing on yourself.

#Victoria Beckham 

Victoria and David Beckhams are one of the least couples, who are together for more than 15 years, and they have matching tattoos, which say “I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine”. Anyway, this is not her only tattoo, another one is done on her back, as it is shown on the picture.


#Rumer Willis

Bruce Willis and Demi Moore’s eldest daughter is an american actress, who has also showed off her tattoos at some shows.  One of them is reminder to “be present”, which is done on her rib side.

Male and Female Tribal Tattoo Designs

Have you ever had a tattoo done? If the answer is no, in this case you should pay attention to the details and the meaning of the picture or the phrase that you are going to have on your body. As a result, they last for your whole life, and it is better to “Measure twice, cut once”. The following article refers to the famous Tribal tattoos, which  are very common and both for men and women. Tribal tattoos used to express religion or spiritual belief. Moreover, tribal tattoos are meant for identification, social status, achievements and even for medical purposes. Thus, most of these tattoos are done in black color, while there are some other types including some colorful prints added to the traditional black one. Such tattoos make the body look rude and more masculine, though such tats can also be seen on female bodies. So, before doing such tattoos, pay attention to the fact, that it will not always be possible to hide them especially in summer. Anyway, enjoy and witness this interesting art prints.
TRIBAL TATTOOSHereby, we represent the nicest and some common tribal tattoos. Additionally, they are applied above the waist, which include arms, legs, chest, hands etc. and are preferable by men and women at the same time. Have a nice watch.