Inpiring Religious Tattoos

Looking for more meaningful and spiritual tattoos? We offer great options of religious tattoos that are basically from Asian tattoo art and from Western cultures. You can also find Christian tattoos that contain many elements and even tell Bible stories just by the means of the depicted images. Pick the one that is the closest to your heart and soul.

Western Style Tattoo Designs

Western tattoos have become the most favorite style among women and men at the same time. There is a wide range of options to choose cute and strong styles and have a unique tattoo design.

western tattoo designs

The designs and patterns have different meanings. Many of the western style tattoo designs originated from nautical references because of the influence of the early sailor tattoo artists. Nautical stars, ships, and mermaids are common subjects for these types of tattoos. Animals, hearts, animation characters, flames, skulls, and roses are all also popular designs for western tattoos. Daggers and swords can also be found as elements in these tattoos.

Best Pagan and Wiccan Tattoo Ideas

Today many people prefer to represent their religion or their faith through tattoos on their bodies. If you are also looking for a Pagan or a Wiccan tattoo, and want to show some personal and spiritual traits, then today we have something special for you. We have come up with a collection of stunning and attractive Pagan and Wiccan tattoos that can inspire you surely.

religious tattoo design

Pagan Tattoos
If you are intended to depict your Pagan faith, you have a wide range of opportunities to apply on your body. Such as draw your favorite animal, feathers, tomahawk, dream catcher, etc. If you are a pantheist, you can depict the symbol of world on your body in bright green and blue color.

15 Amazing Dream Catcher Tattoo Ideas

Dream catcher! It is the most favorite symbol of native Americans. According to the legend, it was to protect the sleeping person from negative dreams, while letting positive dreams through. To our surprise, good dreams know how to pass through the holes of the dream catcher and go down the subtle feathers. The hoop on the catcher symbolizes strength and unity.

Dreamcatcher Tattoo

Nowadays, the dream catcher has become a tattoo inspiration design, which is always with you and makes your dreams come true. You are opened to a great variety of different types of dream catchers. They can be tattooed in the standard black ink or be colored with tones of shades. The choice is yours and your creativity can be applied to this dream catcher and make it different and unique.