Hottest Military Tattoo Designs

Serious and amazing military tattoos that we have collected under these articles can inspire you for your big tattoo design. Looking at these pictures you’ll feel the interest they tend to bring and the attraction they have. Wearing a military tattoo you’ll look cool enough and will be eye-catching among your friends.

Amazing Compass Tattoo Designs

A compass is the loyal companion of a traveler. If you are fond of travelling, don’t hesitate to make a compass tattoo design. They are usually pretty common amongst nautical lovers, fisherman and of course military personnel as well. These compass tattoos come in several styles such as the nautical star compass, rose and star compasses and the prismatic compass. Interestingly, the first sailors to get compass tattoos were Spanish conquistadors. Moreover, Celts along with some people of European origin also used these designs in the early centuries.

compass tattoo designs

There was a wide belief, that having a compass tattoo would protect the wearer when they traveled over rough waters and ensured that they safely returned home. The design of the tattoo also symbolized safety. As such, many family members of naval officers and fisherman would also wear either tattoos or jewelry charms of a compass to support their loved ones and wish them a safe journey.

10 Dark and Real Prison Tattoo Designs

Tattoos are considered to be originated from the prisons and jails. In the past the prisoners used to make different styles of tattoos for showing their status and other significant things. So before doing strange and large tattoos, discuss the meanings with the tattoo artist, and make sure you don’t make the symbols, which can refer to the life of prisoners.

tattoo idea for prisoners

Memberships in most gangs are connected with tattooing and they have their special meaning to the members of the gang. This is a way of identifying a member of the gang and offering him protection in case it is needed. So, the type of tattoo that one gets will depend on his status or position in the gang.

Amazing US Flag Tattoos

What other famous flag if not the US? This flag stands for the strong and purposeful nation, who is free and united. So, the flag is the symbol of the American patriotism and courage.
Due to this powerful symbolism, The American flag has become an inspiration for tattoo lovers. The flag is depicted in different colors and can express personal ideas for each individual.

American flag 3d tattoo design

Common Designs: It consists of 50 stars, which denote the States. And the 13 stripes represent the 13 British colonies. The next design is connected with the Eagle, which is the national bird symbol of the USA. Some of the flag designs show the eagle flapping in the wind with the image of a soldier. Thus, the meanings are limitless and can represent different symbols of this strong nation.