Tender Flower Tattoo Designs

Women wishing to get a smashing appearance often choose flower tattoos that make their bodies more beautiful. In these articles you’ll find pretty flower tattoos that can look great especially in colored styles and in 3D style. You can choose either small flower tattoos or larger ones that can cover several parts of your body.

Best Shoulder Tattoo Designs for Girls

There are many body components, where the tattoos look fantastic, and one of the, is the shoulder part. Both men and women apply tattoo designs of numerous styles on their shoulder. However, girls can choose different designs for obtaining feminine and girlish results. Shoulder tattoos for girls bring a really elegant and classy look to the general look.

shoulder tattoo designs for girls

In general, the tattoos are created in order to emphasize many parts of the shoulder. The shoulder tattoos additionally perform as support tattoos to highlight and complete the most tattoos, which could be inked on the other part of the body.Here, we’ve selected an exciting array of art gallery with amazing and beautiful shoulder tattoos. 

Best Love Tattoo Designs

Love is the noblest feeling in the world. If you are feeling it and are truly in love with your partner, why not to show it through a tattoo design? In general, Love tattoosa trendydesign for both genders. They express your deep love in an artistic and unique way, which is not so much common in these days. They can also include any symbol or element related to love according to your choice.

Love Tattoo Designs 01


Among the various meaning a love tattoo shows, the best known ones are passion, faith, hope, trust friendship, devotion and inspiration. So if you are still single, you can apply the tattoo to express your love towards your family, parents, friends, God and other notions. The most important thing is to concentrate on your feelings and select the closest one to your heart.

Best Elephant Tattoo Designs and Ideas

In fact, elephants are one of the strongest and cleverest giants in the animal planet. They are also supposed to be the symbol of wealth and welfare. So why not have a tattoo of such big animals, which will cover a great meaning itself.

Baby elephants tattoo

Elephants also show prosperity, nature and can reflect the calm character of a person. Moreover, they are holy animals being worshipped in many countries and continents. However, there is one band and one good thing connected with the elephant tattoo design. The good thing is that they own some bonds with God like Lord Ganesha and Buddha. And the bad one is that the elephant tattoo requires much effort and is not an easy thing to depict. Elephant tattoos are common among both genders, and appear to be in different sizes. The best suitable body parts for elephant tattoo designs are the wrist, back, shoulder, knee, ankle, ribs, upper arm, inner arm, sleeve, back of neck and many other parts of body. These tattoos are available in many colors. Many people prefer the elephant to be in Polynesian, tribal, Maori and other art designs. The watercolor ink is also a favorite style for many tattoo lovers, who prefer to have a unique tattoo.

5 Most Popular Armband Tattoo Designs

Armband tattoos are one of the most favorite types among both genders. They have come to replace the accessories, like bracelets, arm bands and just decorating your arms throughout your lifetime. Just apply an armband tattoo design and create your own personal style, choosing the tattoo to be the symbol of your ideals, beliefs or dreams.


To your great pleasure, there are numerous options of armband tattoo designs. And some of the most popular choices for inking an armband include the famous Celtic knot band, barbed wire armband, chain armbands, floral wreath armbands, and so many more. We’ve checked out dozens of different outstanding and impressive armband tattoo designs. Take a look at them and find yours!

Unique Neck Tattoo Designs for Women

The neck is considered to be the most beautiful part of a female body. If not tattoos, what else can decorate your slim and graceful neck? Try to think about adding a nice tattoo design on your neck. We will help you to get the useful information and the nicest tattoo ideas. As the neck is a noticeable part of your body, try to choose the best version which will be in the center of attention of many people.

neck tattoo for women

In general, tattoos are favorite among many fashion seekers and the look is reliant on the ability of the creative tattoo artist and the placement of the specific tattoo.The neck is a fairly revealed part and the tattoos etched here get good public showings. Big sized Tattoos always get noticed by people however if you have got a little one at the back and in case, you are a woman with long hair, you can hide it only when you desire to.

Cool Thigh Tattoos for Women

From the evidence of the modern world tendencies, tattoo culture has attracted everybody form aged to young people. Thigh Tattoos are the next inspiration for the culture. Most of the females wear such colorful and meaningful tattoos on their legs. While, the worst thing is that such tattoos aren’t meant for everybody, which not everybody takes into consideration before applying them.

skull thigh tattoo for women

Nevertheless, when it comes to a tattoo design for your thigh or leg, be sure that you look for a design that appeals to you and is an attractive design. First of all, you need to do your research and find out the latest trends in the tattoo world. As thigh tattoos are very common among girls, make sure you have an attractive body, which will be adorned with the tattoo and not be spoiled because of it.

Pretty Leaf Tattoo Designs

Nature has become an inspirational theme among tattoo lovers. Some elements of it are depicted so nicely and each of them surely has its deep meaning for the wearer. This article touches the subject of diverse leaf pictures and explains their meanings as well. Both genders are fans of such designs.

leaf tattoo design

Thus, the designs with the leaf theme are numerous; some of the popular ones being the gorgeous maple leaf, the cute aspen leaf, the strong and tough looking oak leaf among many other leaf motifs.

Temporary Tattoo Ideas From Real Dried Flowers

Probably aged people can remember the past times, which lacked of tattoo art designs. There were many simple ideas for doing fake tattoos, which were welcomed and used to distinguish you and make an inspiration for your peers. And the time when tattoos became popular and common, there were few risky people who would apply some pictures on their bodies.

floral natural tattoo

Hence, we have found this article an interesting one, as it includes cool ideas for having painless and temporary tattoos with natural basis. Emily Geraghty who loves creating original content for the digital audience, suggests 3 main tutorial steps to get the work done.

10 Stunning Dandelion Tattoo Designs for Girls

The dandelion tattoo is very popular among men and women. In comparison with lotus and other flowers, the dandelion is considered to be an ordinary tattoo design. Sometimes they are done with little colors, as the black one is the original and most common shade. And the dandelion can be tattooed almost anywhere on the body, although they’re mostly seen on the shoulder.

dandelion tattoo art

As regards the meaning of the dandelions, they have been symbolic to a variety of cultures over the years and has been popular in folklore and legends. The dandelion tattoo can remind us to enjoy every moment that we are blessed to have as we are given the chance to make the most of it.

Cool Lotus Flower Tattoo Designs

Flowers are a decorative part of tattoo designs and Lotus flower is the most popular and meaningful one among them. Its symbolism comes from its relationship with the elements of water and fire. As it grows in the water, the lotus has become a natural tribute to water-affiliated concepts like: Dreams, Emotion, Intuition, Awareness, Purification. Both small and large lotus tattoos are always good-looking and add some original and nice additions to any body art. The colors are different, from simple back to bright colors and are based on your personal taste.

lotus design tattoo

As regards the spiritual meaning, it is the symbol in Buddhism, which reflect faith, purification and light. In nature lotus grows in the mud and becomes noticeable from the water surface when it blossoms, thus representing the Buddhist’s level of enlightenment.