Facinating Animal Tattoo Ideas

If you are a kind of personality that looks for meaningful and beautiful animal tattoos, you are on the right place. The most wonderful animal tattoos are collected under these articles giving you a great opportunity to pick an animal tattoo that best goes with your individuality and character. The meanings of animal tattoos will help you to take the one that best matches your attitude and lifestyle.

Stunning Hummingbird Tattoo Ideas

Have you ever wondered which is the smallest bird in the world? It is the bee hummingbird, which has been registered in the Guinness Book of World Records. An interesting fact is that male hummingbird is smaller than the female and they are the most active birds. Thus, the pictures of these feathered creatures are very common tattoo ideas for those people who love subtle and delicate looking birds.


Despite the fact that the meaning and symbolism of different bird tattoos vary from a cultural point of view, the hummingbird tattoo is one that remains universal throughout all cultures. It has a deep significance since it dates back to the Native American origin. and has become a part of their legends, stories and folklore.

Tattoo Designs Inspired from Salvador Dali

Salvador Dali is one of the most popular artists of the 20th century. He advertised his own works in a very professional way. Moreover, he was a master in surrealist and most of his pictures had a surrealistic context in them. Dali also used other mediums to express himself such as sculpture, fashion and photography. So, many fans of Dali decided to express their love towards his activity by getting his works as well as his own image inked on their bodies. We hope you will enjoy viewing this unique artwork and get new ideas for your next tattoo design.

salvador dali

In this nice tattoo, the hat has given a superb touch. Also, the presence of bird gave a noble meaning. The common face expression of Dali with his long and curled mustache makes the body look like real canvas. Some people choose this tattoo to be inked in black color while many others choose a colorful tattoo of the above design. Although both of them look nice.

20 Best Chest Tattoos For Men in 2015

Have you imagined your body to be a canvas? However, there are chiseled tattoo lovers, who cover most of their body with a picture or some abstract prints. Summer is coming, so it is the high time you show your trained body and the cherished tattoo and attract girls. As a result, the main chest tattoos are very common and identical, thus, we have singled out the coolest and the most unique chest tattoo designs for 2015.  If you think that only the black skull tattoos are the most exciting ones, after reading the article, you will change your mind and maybe they will motivate you or your man to have such kinds of tats. Some of them are colorful, while others are classy black ones, which look perfect on well-trained and hot bodies. So, pay attention to the details of  the tattoo, that will be your loyal friend throughout your life.

tattoo design for chest

Thus, the most favorite chiseled tattoos among men are the skull ones,which appear both in black and colorful shades, while including some other prints, which complete the whole idea of such tats:

Small Tattoo Designs for Girls

Small tattoos are the most convenient ones for those, who don’t like being in the center of attention or get tired of seeing the same tattoo during the whole life. Moreover, there comes a time in life, that the phrase or picture is annoying you or reminds you of an unhappy period of life etc.. Thus, we have gathered the coolest and the prettiest small tattoo ideas for you! Enjoy!!!!!

girly tattoo

note tattoo

small-girl-tattoos 2015#Flowers, Bows and Butterflies 

Floral tattoos and bows are favorite among girls. Flowers can symbolize love towards nature, love, wealth, luck etc. One of the most common tattoos among girls are the tiny ones done behind the ear and on the wrist, which express childish and girlish. Butterfly tattoos always look good on women at any age. Hereby are some examples: