Bear Tattoo Designs

The bear has a lot of meanings not only as a part of nature but also as a part of history. Bear tattoo designs are also in the list of the most popular designs.  As we know there are different kinds of bears, for example polar bear, black bear etc. Surely each of these bears has quite different habits and personality so this means that as a tattoo designs they can represent different meanings. Native Americans believe that bears are unique, gifted with special powers. In some tribes it was even believed that they have the power of heal.wonderful Bear Tattoo DesignOn the other hand the bear is considered to be noble and gentle creatures which can turn into furious ones when they feel a danger. While having the bear tattoo you should think about this concept too. The Europeans and Celts look at the bears as a creature which is the symbol of war. Some Christians also think that bears are endowed with cruel quality.

The bears have an essential role in some Native American tribes because they have an ability to carry things from one place to another. For Sioux Indians the bear symbolize the air- a crucial part of life. In ancient tribes the bear was for self-analysis and sometimes even for considering about the truth and it was attributed with men and women qualities. The mainly qualities which are associated with bear, are power, bravery, indestructibility and the ability of observation.simple BearTattoo DesignA person, who lives in the place where breeds of bears exist, can take a bear tattoo in order to show that he or she belongs to that specific region. Another advantage is that symbol of region tattoo on your body makes you feel that part of that place is always with you.Bear Tattoo Design with flag - CopyOther reason of getting this tattoo may be associated with qualities that bear have, for example he or she may prefer this tattoo design to show that have the same quality as the bear.simple Bear Tattoo DesignThere is a group of people who choose bear tattoos because they believe that bear will always protect them and endowed them with self-confidence.  It is also know that mother bears are very protective of its cub so sometimes it is just associated with motherhood.Bear Tattoo Design 2015 - CopyThere are endless choices for bear tattoo designs. You can make them more stunning and attractive look by adding different kinds of elements that will have important meanings. For example you can depict soft bear as a sign of motherhood and fierce bear as a sign of protection.

If you want to have completely different bear you can choose cartoon version of the bear.funny Bear Tattoo DesignHave a look at these pictures and choose the one which you will like the Bear Tattoo Design - Copy

Bear Tattoo Design on shoulder - Copy

amazing Bear Tattoo Design

Bear Tattoo Design 2015 - Copy

Bear Tattoo Design on foot

Bear Tattoo Design on arm - Copy

Bear Tattoo Design for girls - Copy

Bear Tattoo Design for boys

Bear Tattoo Design on shoulder

Bear Tattoo Design with star - Copy

cute Bear Tattoo Design

cute Bear Tattoo Design on shoulder